How to register for HSBC mobile app and online banking and deposit check

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HSBC Mobile Banking App and Online banking-Do you want to learn smart ways of managing your accounts such as transfer and payments, Mobile Check Deposit, Pay bills and e-Statements and many more financial activities all from your comfort zone without visiting the banking hall.

Customers can also use HSBC Mobile Banking App and digital banking to apply for a loan or credit card, Freeze card, View and download digital versions of your statements and Card Activation all on the go from any location provided they can access the internet .

We are going to discuss about HSBC Mobile Banking App and online banking which comprises of how to register Mobile Banking app,Card Activation, Mobile check deposit

How to register for HSBC Mobile Banking App

If you’re already registered for online banking: You can use the HSBC Mobile Banking app with your log on details for online banking. Simply download the app, accept the terms and conditions and then enter your username.

But for those that have not registered for online banking simply follow the steps below.

1.To get started with HSBC Mobile Banking App, kindly download the app from the app store.
2.Confirm your account details, your date of birth and Telephone Security Number.
3. Create your username and log on details.
4. Accept the terms and conditions.
4. Select ‘Not registered for online banking?’
5 Follow the on screen instructions to register and activate your Digital Security

How to register for HSBC Online banking

To register for HSBC online banking you need Your HSBC sort code and account number …..You also need your Telephone Banking Security Number . This will enable account holders to view their balance and transactions, send money and pay bills, add/remove a temporary card block, update your personal details and many more activities.

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How do I update HSBC personal details in online banking?

To update your HSBC personal details kindly follow the steps below.

1.Log on to online banking using your Secure Key.
2.Select your name in the navigation bar.
3.Choose ‘Personal and address details’.
4.Choose ‘Edit’ under the section you wish to update and follow the instructions.


How to download a HSBC statement of account?


Mobile app

To download statement of account via HSBC Mobile app Follow these steps:

1.Log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app.
2.Select your account.
3.Go to ‘View more’ and select ‘View statements’.



To download statement of account via HSBC Online statements Follow these steps:

1.Log on to online banking
2.Select ‘Statements’ from the quick links section
3.Select the account you want to see a statement for
4.Select the statement date you want to view and it will automatically download as a pdf


HSBC Telephone banking


How do I sign up for Voice ID?

You can do it in 4 easy steps:

1.Call 08000 852 380.
2.Verify yourself using your telephone security number.
3.Create your voiceprint saying ‘My voice is my password’ up to 5 times.
4.Use your voice to access your account through telephone banking.

If you’ve forgotten your phone banking security number, you can reset it by calling 03457 404 404.

HSBC Voice ID is available to UK customers over the age of 18 who are registered for phone banking.

To set up or reset HSBC phone banking security number or for any other general queries that can’t be completed online, through the mobile app or with a chat agent, please call us on the number below:

03457 404 404

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HSBC Card Activation

To activate yourHSBC credit card from the mobile app:simply follow the steps below.

. Select your credit card from the ‘Accounts’ menu
. Choose ‘Activate card’ from the menu
. Click ‘Activate card’ and follow the instructions


How to deposit Check via HSBC Mobile app

With HSBC Mobile Check Deposit, now available on the HSBC Mobile Banking App11 View footnote 1, you can deposit a check directly into your eligible HSBC checking or savings account with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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To deposit a check, follow these easy instructions:

1. Log on to the latest version of the HSBC Mobile Banking App, select ‘Move Money’, and then ‘Deposit a check’.

2. Select the account you wish to deposit the check into.
3.Enter the amount of the check.
4.Tap on ‘Front of check’ icon. To take a picture
5. Tap on ‘Back of check’ icon. To take a picture of the back of the check,
6.Finally, verify your deposit details and then select ‘Confirm’.

Your check will be available in your account shortly. You can check if the cheque has cleared by viewing your accounts


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