Wells Fargo Online banking and Mobile App

How to enroll for Wells Fargo Online banking and Mobile App

wells fargo online banking and mobile app allow account holder to pay bills, make transfers as well access their checking and savings account information from their mobile phone and Personal computer. This  a great way to take control of your finances and an easy way to make sure you’re keeping up to date with payments.

The Wells Fargo Mobile app and internet banking gives you options for 24/7 banking anywhere you have internet access both at home and abroad,Customers can now carrying out financial transactions through the internet on smartphone, tablet or computer.

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wellsfargo online banking and Mobile app allows account holder  Send and receive money Using an email address or mobile number. It also enable customers to Turn cards on or off, view recurring payments and subscriptions, and more.

Once enrolled, do not share your username or password with anyone. We recommend you select a unique username and password, and memorize it rather than writing it down

Features of wellsfargo online banking and mobile pp

1. Set up or cancel direct debits and standing orders
2. Check your bank balance at any time
3.Pay your bills and transfer money to other accounts
4. Check your bank statements
5.Check any linked mortgages, loans, savings accounts or ISAs
6. Check on any investments you might have that are linked to your account


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wellsfargo Online Banking Enrollment

To enroll for wellsfargo online,account holder will need to make use of the following:

1.Visit wellsfargo bank online portal from your desktop or mobile device for secure online access to your accounts
2.Enter your Social security number or Tax ID number
3. ATM/debit or credit card number or Wells Fargo account or loan number
4. Continue to enter your personal information
5. Select a username and password with Upper and lower case letters along with numbers and special characters (@, %, &, #).

6. Enter your questions and answers

As a Wells Fargo Online customer, you are required to maintain a valid email address to ensure you can receive important information about your Wells Fargo accounts and receive timely notices when your online documents are available.

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Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App


The mobile app enable you to deposit check, pay bills and transfer money and many more.to get start you need to follow the steps below.

1. Download app from play store or app store
2.Sign up on using biometric authentication
Customer can also make use of their fingerprint or facial features to quickly and easily authenticate their mobile banking app.

In case you are finding it difficult to sign up or disable Wells Fargo Online when your device is lost or stolen simply call your bank at 1-866-863-6762, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.