How to activate Ecobank Mobile app, internet/online banking and USSD code

Ecobank has various means of financial transaction which comprises of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, Internet/Online banking and Mobile app. This service can be perform either from your smart Phone or from desktop/laptop which ever ways they prefer.

Customer’s can use any othe method stated above to Checking account balance,Make money transfers,Update personal information and Paybills and recharge their phone from their comfort zone because Ecobank uses Secure Access, an online security initiative designed to make your online and Mobile banking even safer and give you peace of mind.

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The service is seamless, fast, reliable and secure, account holders can now Pay multiple beneficiaries at same time,Monitor and schedule loan payments,View maturity amounts on fixed deposits,View all accounts/transactions in one place,Send money simply – locally and overseas and do your financial transaction online and on mobile.

1.Ecobank online/internet Banking


How do  Ecobank Online/internet banking work?

1. Before you can make use of Ecobank online/internet banking Choose the tabs to access your profile to register.

2. Enter your details and click “Continue”
3. Check that you’ve entered the correct details. If you’ve made a mistake, choose “Change Profile” to make any changes
4. Click “Confirm” to confirm your details
5. follow the on screen message to finish your registration process

Once you are done with the registration process simply follow the steps given below to login to your account.

1. Click “Log-in to Internet Banking”
2. Select your country and click “Log-in to your account”
3. Enter your unique User ID
4. Enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message

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How to Checking your balance via Ecobank online/internet banking

1. To see a summary of your eco bank accounts, choose these tabs
2. Your account balances are shown here in one, simple overview
3. You can view your account summary in another currency – just choose from the drop-down menu
4. To view your account balances in more detail, click on the account name

How to Making money transfers on your ecobank online/internet banking

1. To transfer money within your country, choose these tabs
2. Unless you have previously created a template for the same type of transfer, select Make New Payment
3. Choose which account you’d like to take the funds from
4. Fill in the account details of the recipient carefully – Ecobank cannot be responsible for any errors you make
5. Enter the amount, currency and when you’d like the money to be transferred
6. Complete a few further details, including who should be responsible for Correspondence Charges
7. When you’ve checked all the details, click here to carry out the transaction

How to update your Ecobank personal information

1. Choose these tabs to access your profile
2. Enter your details and click “Continue”
3. Check that you’ve entered the correct details. If you’ve made a mistake, choose “Change Profile” to make any changes
4. Click “Confirm” to confirm your details


2. Ecobank Mobile App

To enable you make use of ecobank mobile app. account holders need to download the application from Apple Store (IOS) or from Play Store (Android) to enable them perform all their financial transaction ranging from money transfer, bills payment, buy airtime check account balance and statement of account on- the- go.

Please note: this services varies from country to country and you must have a Smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows Operating Systems before you can make use of the mobile app. The APP logs a user out once it’s not the active screen being viewed for Funds Transfers, Xpress Token and My Account balances. To continue using a user has to input his PIN again.

What services are available on my Ecobank Mobile App?

Customers can now buy Airtime, Bill payments, Instant transfers , Card Services, View and request statements , Travel ticket purchase and BranchATMPOS Locator etc.

How to register for Ecobank Mobile app

1. To enroll for Ecobank Mobile, download and the Ecobank Mobile app in the Appstore and proceed to enroll.

2. Input your mobile number your country and language of choice and accept the terms and conditions
4.Go to the menu and select ‘Open an Xpress Account’ or “Use my Non Ecobank Card
5.Complete registration as prompted

How to get cash when using the Ecobank Mobile App

To perform cardless withdraw without your ATM card customers should generating an e-token via Xpress Cash on the Ecobank Mobile app, which you can redeem at any Ecobank branded ATM or Xpress Agent Point.

How to change forgotten my PIN?

Please click on ‘Other Services’ on the bottom tab of the screen and select Reset PIN. Then proceed to use your preferred method of resetting your PIN via, Debit Card, RIB credentials or Answer Security questions.


3. Ecobank Mobile Banking via USSD

Ecobank account holders can now make use of the mobile phone to carry out financial transaction in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

The features of ecobank ussd code include the following:

1. Make instant transfers
2. Check balances
3. Pay bills
4. Read mini-statements
5. Buy airtime

How to Register for ecobank ussd code

To register for ecobank ussd code customers of the following countries can perform it with the details given below.

1. For Nigeria account holders should dial *326#
2. For Kenya customers they should dial *335#
3. For Tanzania simply dial *150*18#
4. For Uganda dial *235#

This service is available in Airtel, Glo,MTN, safaricom. Hope this article provide solution for your ecobank banking challenge. we like to welcome your feedback at the comment section.



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