Keystone bank Internet and mobile App

Keystone Bank Internet Banking and Mobile app:How to enroll/Register

This post was last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 12:52 pm

Keystone bank Internet and mobile App offer customers branch-less banking service. This enable account holders use their mobile phones and personal computer to perform banking transactions on-the-go from their comfort zone both home and abroad.

Unlike a bank branch, internet banking and  Mobile App lets account holder determine the hours of when they access their account — with some exceptions, such as planned maintenance updates and unexpected outages

The bank mobile and internet services is seamless, fast, secure and convenience with good customer experience, they wouldn’t have to worry about any financial problems like paying transfer, buy Airtime and many others.

This Article will guide customers on how to register for online and mobile banking which will enable users review and verify their transactions, view account statements, bill payment,Manage expenses and many more financial activities.

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The following procedure and steps will help you register in the Keystone Bank Internet banking and mobile App.

Features of Keystone bank internet and mobile app

With keystone bank feature, users can monitor their cards and bank accounts, check their balances and transaction histories, and make money transfers along with the listed benefits adumbrated below.

1.Open an account instantly
2.Bank on the go with our chat Bot
3.Know your relationship officer
4.Book a fixed deposit instantly
5.Instant foreign currency transfer
6.Set up recurring bills payment and transfers
7.Buy movie tickets
8.Instant foreign currency transfer

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How to apply for Keystone bank internet banking


1. Customer can either apply via bank online platform url :{} OR visit keystone bank and request for internet banking application
2. Enter your bank account number if you intend using the online
3.Input your Card Last 6(Optional)
4. Enter all required information and submit

Please note that you will need to download a soft token(Keystone Bank mToken) to authenticate your transactions. Download from AppStore or PlayStore.

Download and register for Keystone Bank Mobile App


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1. Go to the App store of your mobile device ( Google Play Store and Google Play Store) and search for Keystone Mobile app then download the app

2.After installation, launch the app and if you are a new user, click on ‘Register’ and then proceed to follow the on-screen instructions
3. Enter the NUBAN account or ATM card
4.Set your Username and password.


In case you find it difficult to register for keystone bank online and mobile app, kindly contact customer care. Also don’t disclose your account details to any one via email or phone because keystone bank will never ask you for your personal bank account details.