FCMB bank Internet Banking and Mobile App – How to Register and create Token

FCMB bank Internet Banking and Mobile App – How to Register and create Token

The digitization of banking sector is, of course, not a new development as banks continue to use fintech in encouraging financial inclusiveness. FIrst City Monument Bank has introduce Online Banking and mobile app for easy transaction on-the-go.

FCMB Online and mobile banking service is seamless, fast and secure. it allow customers to pay bills, get a loan, invest and exposure to hundred such services using their mobile phone from Both Home and Abroad provided they can access internet connection.

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This article is designed to solved challenge on how to register for First City Monument Bank online banking and mobile app.

Benefits Of FCMB Internet Banking

The following are benefits of FIrst City Monument Bank to it’s numerous customers

1.Access your account
2.Easy to Check account balance
3.Very simple to Make transfers locally or internationally
4.You can Convert foreign currency to local currency.
5.Pay utility bills such as ( Electricity, Telecommunication, cable Tv,
6.You can Request, stop and confirm cheques.
7.Book airline tickets for flights

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Internet banking online registration steps.

1. Go to FCMB website, click on Internet Banking
2. Click on ‘Register Now
3. Enter account name and account number.
4. Enter Your mobile number and email address as registered with the bank
5.Select a new login name

6.Select ATM card Preference (Click Yes, if you have one that is not expired. No if you don’t)
7.Enter card PAN (16 or 19 digits number)
8.Click ‘Submit’ to register form

If you are Nigeria FCMB account holder register via this url link: https://ibank.fcmb.com/RegistrationUI.aspx


Internet banking token reset steps.

To reset your Token follow the steps below.

1.Go to FCMB website click on Internet Banking at the top right corner (or top left if using phone or tablet), and then click ‘Personal’ from the drop down list.
2.Login with your Username and Password.
3.Answer Security Question
4.Click on ‘Utilities Options’ on the Internet Banking menu
5.Click on ‘Hardware Token’ Reset
6.Click on ‘Reset My Token’ Button

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How to reset your password for your internet banking?

1. Go to FCMB website
2.Click on the “Forgot password” button.
3.Type in your User ID.
4.If you set up some security questions type in any of your answers, you remember.
5.Click on “Submit” to continue the FCMB password recovery.
6. Follow the rest of the instructions to reset your password.


How to Register for FCMB Mobile app

Do you know fcmb customer can now use their mobile app apply for loan, transfer money, pay bills as well Air ticket from your comfort zone without visiting the banking hall. That is why it’s great to apply for it today to enable you have easy banking your finger tip.

I. visit app store either on oogle or App store depend on your smart phone.
2.Click “Signup”
3. Click “I have an FCMB Account” and type your account number
4.Validate your account with your card details or an OTP
5.Create your Login Password and Transaction PIN

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How to download and use the FCMBonline Token App

1. Visit the App store for respective device (i.e. Android and iOS
2. Download and install the ‘FCMBonline Token App
3. On successful installation, the phone IMEI or Unique number is displayed on the mobile token App. This also confirms successful installatioN
4. Go to FCMB website

5. Login with your user name and password and click on the ‘Mobile Phone Token’ menu.
6. Select ‘Mobile Token Registration’.
7. Input the DISPLAYED IMEI or Unique number from the installed FCMB online Token App into the required Device IMEI/Unique number field on the platform
8. Select Phone type (Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS) from drop down list.
9.Select the account to be debited.

10.Select authentication code type (SMS/Email or Token Code) and click on ‘Continue’.
11.Input transaction your password and the authentication code sent to your phone then 12.click ‘Register’.
If Successful, the platform displays ‘Registration Successful’, an activation code is instantly sent to your registered phone number and email while the token fee is debited from customer’s account.

13.On the FCMBonline Token App, input the 4 digit activation code received as an SMS and Email that was sent to your registered phone number and Email. Select and confirm your preferred app password, accept Terms and Conditions then select ‘Save Data’.
14.Registration is completed and the FCMBonline Token App is ready for use

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