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Stanbic IBTC Bank *909# :How to Transfer Money and check account Balance

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Do you want to learn how to pay,transfer cash and carry out account balance inquiries via your mobile phone using ussd code? This article will explain how to activate your Pin with your registered phone number with the Bank which will be done from the last six digits of your debit card plus DOB for the first time.The *909# Mobile Money service of stanbic ibtc ussd code functions primarily as  business code.

With stanbic ibtc *909# ussd  Mobile Money you can receive salary payments, buy airtime, make one-on-one money transfers, pay for goods and pay bills on any phone without charges.

The service is ideal for you if you want a basic account that is convenient, secure and affordable, and can be operated using a mobile phone.

You don’t need to go through stress of ATM or other payment platform before you can transfer money but you need an active and funded Stanbic IBTC Bank savings or current account to use this seamless service.

How to Register for Stanbic IBTC bank  USSD Banking

To register for Stanbic IBTC  USSD Banking or create PIN  simply Dial *909*11*1# to create or change your PIN with your registered phone number with the Bank.

You will be required to register with the last six digits of your debit card plus DOB for the first time.

With *909# Mobile Money service, You can securely and conveniently send money to family and friends.

How to send money using Stanbic IBTC Bank Transfer Code

1.To transfer money to another Stanbic IBTC account dial *909*11*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#.

2.To transfer money to other banks in Nigeria (non-Stanbic IBTC account holders) dial *909*22*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#.

3.If you’re sending to other banks, select the bank of the recipient from the list you see and continue.

4.Check to see if the full name of your recipient corresponds with what you have in mind.

5.Enter your Mobile Banking PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM MasterCard to complete the transfer.

For example if you are sending 10,000 Naira to account number 0122222222, dial *909*10000*0122222222# then authenticate with your PIN.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below in case the direct code didn’t work.

1.Dial *909#.
2.Enter 1 for My Bank.
3.Input 4 for Transfer.
4.Enter Amount.
5.Select beneficiary’s bank >> Account Number >> Confirm Details >> PIN.
6.You will receive sms notification for successful or failed transaction.

Stanbic IBTC Bank transfer charges and limits

Stanbic doesn’t state any specific limit on its official website, but we believe customers cannot send more than 100,000 naira in one day.


Stanbic IBTC Bank doesn’t charge anything for transfers made to other Stanbic IBTC Bank account; however, the bank charges 52.50 naira for transfers made to other banks in Nigeria.

Stamp duty (excluding salary accounts ) N50.00 per cash deposit from N10,000 upward. Note: Provided that money paid into one’s own account or transferred electronically between accounts of the same owner by the owner within the same bank shall not be chargeable to duty

Benefits of stanbic ibtc mobile code

You are have the following advantage if you make use of stanbic ibtc bank ussd code:

1.Cash deposits and withdrawals wide network of agents.
2.Transfer of money to anyone – both Stanbic IBTC *909# Mobile Money subscribers and non-subscribers.
3.You can link your wallet to a debit card.
4. Change your PIN and view your transaction history whenever you wish.
5.You can securely and conveniently send money to family and friends.
6. Pay bills such as monthly cable subscription and PHCN bills.
7.You can link a Verve card to your wallet, which can be used at our ATMs for withdrawals.
8.You get free access to mini statements and PIN changes.
9. Buy airtime or recharge family and friends’ phones for all networks at an ATM and on your phone

10. Check your bank balance
11.Request for a new card
12. Block a card
13.Change your card
14.PIN Request for a cheque book
15.Open a bank account
16.Pay bills
17. Access EZ Cash Loan
18. Request Statement
19.@Ease Wallet


Stanbic Account Balance Code

Dial *909# >> 2 for Balance Inquiry. Or dial *909*1*1# and follow the instruction.

Stanbic Ibtc contact information

For assist and help kindly contact the Stanbic IBTC bank via phone 0700 909 909 909, email or engage us via social media pages to deactivate this service

General Enquiries

01 422 2222
+234 0 142 2222

Report Fraud

+234 1 422 7777

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