How To Detect and avoid fake bank alert transfer payment

Fake bank alerts has become a common norms process of defraud unsuspecting victims their hard earning money through means of cash transfer by the sender.

Since the introduction of Cashless policy,fraudster has taken advantage of it by sending fake SMS credit alert to their  victims  mobile phone which will never reflect in your bank account statement.

They often carry out this dubious attitude with the aid of application like Flash Fund App
Loftysms app,Money Prank Pro,Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro and Fake Alert Maker for Android

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Most time the fraudster often ask you for your phone number and bank account number, then make use of this  app that will send fake bank alerts instantly which would look exactly like your bank’s credit alert, then add the amount of money you both agreed .

In this article, i am going to share with you how you can detect fake credit alert and what to watch out for, should case you you receive payment via mobile transfer/internet banking to your bank account as a business person.

Steps to detect Fake bank alerts

Step 1
Check your Email that is link to your bank account

If your bank account is not link to your email— please open one either from gmail or yahoomail and link it to your account to enable you verify and get update of any financial transaction that took place in your bank account also, you can get to know your bank account statement and account balance by checking your email.

Once you received the suspected bank alert, check your email source. The original alert from your financial institution cannot be found attached with any other email of whatsoever before you believe the sender.

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Step 2

Account Balance Will Not Be Credited

This can be done using your bank ussd code or Mobile banking app, you can also check your account balance through internet banking or ATM Machine.Fake sms alert will never reflect in your account balance or statement.

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Step 3

Check the credit alert you received if it contains your ‘available bank balance

Fake SMS alert will not  contain your available balance SO YOU CAN EASILY DETECT the fake SMS  if your account balance does not reflect along with transfer payment done by your customers/buyers

Please Note:  Avoid clicking on links that request  your bank account details or given out your bank information to stranger either via email, phone call or online platform. be warned and stay safe.



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