How to Transfer Fund from Bet9ja account to other Bet9ja Users ‎and How to withdraw money

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Nigeria’s popular bookmaker, bet9ja, has introduced a medium where you can transfer funds from a bet9ja account to other bet9ja users from a comfort zone.

Since the beginning of football league after covid-19 disrupted football matches all over the world in match 2020. Most people are asking how to transfer funds/money to a friend ‘s bet9ja account.

In today’s topic we shall share the process and ways to transfer from one bet9ja account to another…..So grab a cup of tea and follow the instructions listed below.

1. Login to your bet9ja account with your password and username


2. Step 2: go over to where you have a picture avatar, click on it

3.Click my account > transfer fund.

4 .At transfer fund page make sure you have the correct username of the recipient (receiver)
Enter username and Recipient ID number

5: If asked for pin, Create a new pin, just type any four digits number as your one time PIN CODE

6.Click transfer funds. DONE.

Please note the below instructions on limitation transfer



How to withdraw from Bet9ja

The most amazing aspect is to withdraw your winning money after staking .

Now is the time to show you how to withdraw your money .

1.Login into your account with username and password,
2. click on your picture avatar
3.Click on withdraw


4.Fill in your bank details


5. You receive a one time verification code via your register email address
6.Insert the code to authorize/authenticate the transfer
7. click on transfer

8. Done.


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