MTN Family Pack Bundles and how to subscribed

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MTN Family Pack is a data bundle bouquet with a unique data share feature, which allows customers (sponsors) to add and allocate data to 5 beneficiaries. The sponsor will be able to set data usage limits for each beneficiary while all the data usages will be deducted from the sponsor’s account.

The sponsor will also get FREE 500MB for each beneficiary added and enjoy FREE complimentary 50 minutes, and 100 SMS’ for every Family Pack bundle activated to communicate with the beneficiaries

MTN Family Pack is a groundbreaking offering by MTN that aims to transform the way families stay connected in today’s fast-paced world. This innovative pack is designed to cater to the diverse needs of every family member, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced connectivity at an unbeatable value.

With the MTN Family Pack, families can enjoy a plethora of benefits, including cost-effective data and voice bundles that can be shared among all family members. This means no more worrying about running out of data or minutes, as the entire family can now stay connected without breaking the bank.

By subscribing to the MTN Family Pack, families can strengthen their bonds by staying connected round the clock. Whether it’s sharing updates, making important calls, or simply checking in on each other, the MTN Family Pack ensures that no family member is ever out of reach.

Ths plan is for all MTN Customers. However, customers will not be able to serve as both Family Pack sponsors and beneficiaries simultaneously. It has  Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Top-up plans.


How do I subscribe to MTN Family Pack?

To set up MTN Family Pack, you need to be an existing MTN customer with an active postpaid mobile line. Additionally, you can only link up to five family members to your plan.

You can subscribe to MTN Family Pack via the following channels:

  • USSD: By dialling *312*1*7# and selecting your preferred plan
  • SMS: By sending the bundle plan keyword to 312. (See table below for keywords).

You will also enjoy FREE 50 voice minutes and 100 SMS’ on every Family Pack bundle you buy.


How can I become MTN  Family Pack sponsor?

You will become a Family Pack sponsor when you activate any Family Pack bundles on your line. Note that you cannot be a beneficiary of another sponsor while you have a Family Pack bundle active on your line.


How can I become a Family Pack beneficiary?

You can be a Family Pack beneficiary if you are added as a beneficiary by another line (sponsor).

Note that you will not be able to activate a Family Pack bundle, i.e. become a sponsor while you are a beneficiary.

How can I add a beneficiary on my MTN  Family Pack?

To add beneficiary to your MTN FAMILY PACK  Simply dial *312*1*7# and select the ‘Add New Beneficiary’ option to add a beneficiary. You will get FREE 500MB data each for the first 5 beneficiaries you add.


How can I set data limits for a MTN FMILY PACK beneficiary?

You can set data limits for your MTN family pack beneficiaries by dialling *312*1*7# select option for ‘Add New Beneficiary/Sponsor’, then select ‘Allocate Family Pack’ option. You will be able to allocate data as much as you have in your balance.

How can I activate MTN Family pack Top-up Plan?

To activate the MTN Family pack Top-up Plan, you must first ensure that you have a Family Pack bundle active on your line. You can activate the Family Pack Top-up Plan via the following channels:

  • USSD: By dialling *312*1*7# and selecting the ‘Buy Family Pack’ option.
  • SMS: By sending the activation code to 312. See table below for details.
  • How do I check my Family Pack balance?

How do I check my MTN Family Pack balance?

You will be able to check your MTN Family Pack’s sponsor and beneficiary’s allotted data balance via the following channels:

  • USSD: by dialling *312*1*7#, then select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option, or *310#, and *312*4# on your mobile phone
  • SMS: Texting 2 to 312

Summary of Family Pack Bundles

Plan Price (N) Data Plans Validity Period Activation Opt –in for Auto-renewal Code Opt –out of Auto-renewal Code
Data Allowance Time of Use (SMS to 312) (USSD) SMS (R Code 312) SMS (No Code 312)
Monthly 5,000 20GB All day 30 Days 21 *312*21# R21 NO21
10,000 40GB All day 30 Days 22 *312*22# R22 NO22
15,000 75GB All day 30 Days 23 *312*23# R23 NO23
20,000 120GB All day 30 Days 24 *312*24# R24 NO24
30,000 200GB All day 30 Days 26 *312*26# R26 NO26
3-Months 50,000 400GB All day 90 Days 27 *312*27# R27 NO27
75,000 600GB All day 90 Days 28 *312*28# R28 NO28
Top-up Plan 1,000 4GB All day NA 16 *312*16# NA NA
3,000 14GB All day NA 18 *312*18# NA NA

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