How to change/reset or retrieve 9mobile/etisalt Transfers PIN

Losing or forgetting your Etisalat/9mobile transfer pin can happen sometimes.In most case subscribers are often worried on how to get it reset or re-strive.if you find yourself in this situation worry less as this content provide more light on how to reset your transfer pin

9mobile has unveiled the process how customers can retrieve their credit/data transfer pin and continue sharing data and airtime with family and friends. If you probably have no clue on how to recover/reset your pin, this post is just for you.

Subscribers can either contact Etisalat/9mobile customer care or use the easiest and convenient way of resetting your pin.

Things you need to know about Etisalat transfer pin

• Only Etisalat/9mobile users can transfer credit.

• You can only transfer to only Etisalat/9mobile network users.

• The minimum charge for every transfer is N50.

• The default code is 0000 and has to be changed.

• Transfer is done from your airtime or data balance and there is no limit to the data and credit you can share.

Other requirements are:

Requirements  TO share airtime on 9mobile

• Available to existing & new 9mobile subscribers on the prepaid & hybrid packages.
• A minimum balance of ₦10 after initiating the transfer is required for successful transaction.
• Minimum of ₦10 airtime can be transferred at a go
• Maximum of ₦20,000 airtime can be transferred at a go
• Maximum ₦100,000 of airtime can be transferred daily

Requirements  to  share data on 9mobile

• Available to existing & new 9mobile subscribers on the prepaid & the hybrid packages
• A minimum data balance of 50MB after initiating the transfer is required for succesful transaction
• Minimum of 10MB can be transferred at a go
• Maximum of 200MB can be transferred at a go
• Maximum of 1GB can be transferred daily

How to create a new 9mobile/etisalat transfer pin

The default pin for the Etisalat/9mobile transfer code is 0000 and you must change it to activate the transfer pin. Resetting the transfer pin is quick and very easy. All you need is to follow the steps below.

1. kindly dial *247* old pin* and new pin#.

For example *247*0000*2222# and press “send”.

9mobile Data transfer pin retrieval

To change your Etisalat/9mobile transfer pin is quite similar to the airtime method, dial the following combination *247*old pin*new pin# and send.

For example dial *247*0000*3455#.


How to change your 9mobile Pin for transfer

To change your 9mobile transfer pin kindly dial *247*default Pin* New Pin# OR dial *247*OLD Pin* New Pin#

How to transfer OR SHARE airtime on 9mobile/etisalat


Before you can retrieve your pin, you must know how to make the transfer with your Etisalat/9m0bile line. To get started, just dial the following combination.

*223*code*airtime amount*recipient’s number# and send.

For example, you intend to send 500 to your friend, then dial *223*1224*500*09091234576# and press “send” after which you will get a notification message confirming the transaction.

How to transfer OR SHARE data on 9mobile/etisalat

To transfer your data using your Etisalat/9mobile line, just dial *229*beneficiary* data amount. For example *229*08087643212*100*pin# and press ok.

How to check your 9mobile/Etisalat balance

To carry out any transfer, you have to check if you have enough credit, this action can be carried out by dialing the ussd code of *232# with your Etisalat/9mobile line and press ok, the balance will be displayed on your screen and also sent as a text on your phone message app.

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