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MTN Share: How to activate,Change/retrieve and transfer MTN share PIN code

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Do you want to transfer airtime and data to your friends or family members from MTN and you can’t recall the transfer pin and the process? Cheer up as we will provide you the simplest of steps on how to recover your transfer pin and continue enjoying the mtn services.

We are going to take a look at the following details: What is MTN transfer PIN code? How to activate MTN transfer PIN code? How can I reset my MTN transfer PIN code?

To transfer data or airtime from MTN, you will need transfer PIN to complete the process. The MTN transfer PIN is a four digit code which you need to send a credit to your friend on the MTN network. We propose you two possible ways how you can activate your new MTN transfer PIN.

In most case subscribers do often forget their previous pin so they are looking for mean to retrieve it back know that your pin is gone and you need to retrieve it before you can carry out share and sell transactions.

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How to retrieve/Reset  your mtn transfer pin

Retrieval of the pin can be done on any phone, it is not selective and only needs a strong network signal and your mtn sim card inserted in the right spot on your phone to be successful. Simply follow these steps to recover your transfer pin:

To reset your MTN transfer PIN code, you have to send a message to 777 in the format below.

Text ‘Default PIN’ ‘New PIN’ New PIN’ to 556. For example, if you want to change the Default PIN to 3321 as your new PIN text ‘0000 3321 3321’ to 777.


1. Open your message, and type YES as a new message and send it to 556.
2. Kindly wait for some minutes for a response from the mtn service provider.
3. The next pop up will display the share and sell welcome and a default pin of 0000
4. Quickly proceed to change your default pin to any 4 digits of your choice and send.
5. A successful retrieval will pop up, you can now begin enjoying the services once more

If you are a first-time user, you can register for the share and sell service by creating your pin in this sequence.

1. Send a message to 777 with the default pin 0000 and input your new pin twice to get started. For example, send (old pin) 0000 (new pin) 2000 (retype the new pin) 2000 to 777 and you can now access the share and sell services.


MTN Share

MTN Share (formerly Share ‘N’ Sell) is a service that allows you to transfer airtime(credit) from your MTN account to other MTN customers’ accounts. MTN Share can be used by all new and existing prepaid and postpaid customers on the MTN network. You can now transfer airtime Free of Charge.

Before you can transfer airtime, you must change the default PIN which is 0000.

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To Change your MTN Share PIN:

To change MTN share PIN, Please, Send an SMS with your Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. For example, send an SMS with ‘0000 1234 1234’ to 777.


You can also change your PIN by dialing *777*Default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. For example, dial *777*0000*1234*1234# and then send/OK.
Immediately you change your PIN using any of the options above, you will receive an SMS informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.


How to transfer airtime using SMS

To transfer airtime from MTN using SMS, SIMPLY Send an SMS with Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount and PIN to 777. For example, you can send an SMS with ‘Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234’ to 777.

Upon sending this message, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm that you want to make the transfer by sending an SMS with ‘YES’ to 777.

How to transfer airtime using USSD

To transfer airtime from MTN. Kindly Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK. For example, dial*777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/OK. When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful.

Please note that:

1. You can only transfer in Naira amounts and not in kobo, i.e. you can transfer NGN71.00 but not NGN71.99.

2. You can transfer between NGN50.00 – NGN5,000.00 in a single transaction.
3. You can transfer up to NGN100,000.00 from your phone to either a single or multiple MTN accounts every day.

4. There is no limit to the maximum number of transactions per day.
If your MTN prepaid account does not have enough airtime to cover the amount you have requested to transfer, the transaction will not be completed and you will receive an error message.

5. If you are a postpaid customer, you will only be able to transfer airtime when your account is in positive. You will not be able to transfer airtime when your account is negative (-). For example, if your account balance is N-300.00. You will not be able to use MTN Share. On the other hand, if your account balance is N1,000.00 you will be able to transfer airtime up to the available N1,000.00 in your account.

How to transfer data from MTN

MTN Data transfer can only be done if the beneficiary is also an MTN user, what you simply need to do is :

1. Dial *131*recipients number*data amount# or dial *131# and choose number 6.
2. Select option 1 which is ‘transfer from data balance
3. Input the receiver’s number and send
4. Different data values will be presented to you, select the one you intend to share.
5. A confirmation message will pop up on your phone, select 1 to proceed to complete the transaction.