Types and List of virtual dollar card in Nigeria

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Do you need virtual dollar cards that can help you pay for international transactions from Nigeria and you don’t know the one to apply ? This article will address different types of virtual dollar cards you can apply here in Nigeria and enjoy your seamless international payment and transaction..The card can be used for international payments (online stores like Amazon and Asos) and local payments (Uber, Taxify, Jumia, etc), On your phone, quickly and without stress.

Since the suspension of web transactions, and PoS transactions conducted with Naira cards by Nigerian banks the demand and quest for payment alternatives is on the increase. You should not be charged an arm and leg to have / use a virtual dollar

Nigerians want to pay for Facebook ads, pay for their website hosting , buy from Amazon even if they want to subscribe to Netflix but this doesn’t work any longer with a Naira card except you have to apply for a dollar card. but unfortunately Nigeria bank customers are afraid to apply due to endless charges ranging from card application payment fees, card maintenance fees and many more.

Part from the numerous charges from banks you also get disappointed with delay and most case denial to issue dollar card . Nigerians are frustrated with reference when opening domiciliary account. For this purpose Bestmarket have decide to outline Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria.

What is Virtual card?

A virtual dollar card is a type of credit or debit card that can be used for online transactions it is not a physical card. This is a digital representation of any plastic debit card, linked to either customer operative account or wallet account

It gives you direct access to funds in your operative or wallet accounts. You can seamlessly carry out card-not-present (CNP) transactions online. It is the safest, easiest, most convenient and secure way of making payments.

Virtual cards are similar to physical credit or debit cards, but they exist only in digital form and can be used for online transactions. its details (such as card number, expiration date, and CVV code) are stored online.

List and names of dollar virtual card in Nigeria

1.Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card
2.ALAT Virtual Dollar Card
3.Fundall Virtual dollar Card
4.Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card
5.Mintyn Bank Virtual Dollar Card
6. CashBuddy virtual dollar card

7. Payday Virtual card


7. Payday Virtual card

with Payday Virtual card, you can Open USD, GBP, EUR and 20+ other Global Accounts, you can Send & receive money globally in seconds for Free & Spend with the Payday Mastercard

You get a virtual Mastercard that fits your online lifestyle.What are you waiting for? Download the Payday App & get started now!


6 CashBuddy virtual dollar card

With CashBuddy virtual dollar card you can Pay online for different products and services with a Virtual Dollar Card that works with Instagram, Facebook, Aliexpress, Amazon, Google, Apple etc. You can Pay and get paid by your partners and clients across the globe with ease and convenience


5.Mintyn Bank Virtual Dollar Card

You can Shop in dollars without a virtual dollar card, all you need is Mintyn Gift Card. Mintyn have suspended the Virtual dollar card, but we created an alternative.


4.Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card

All you need is your mobile phone and a gomoney account– your first card is completely FREE

To create a card all you need to do is:

1.Verify your BVN to become a Tier 2 customer by clicking on the circle in the top left corner of your home page and following the easy steps! (if you have, skip this part!)

2.Go to the home page of your gomoney app and swipe left to the second section of the page.

3.Tap on the ‘Get a card’ and create your PIN and Start spending instantly!


3. Fundall Virtual dollar Card

To create a Fundall Virtual dollar card on the app, All you have to do is to download and sign up on the app, and if you have an existing account, sign in to your account and follow these steps;

1.Click on the ‘Spend’ feature.

2.Select the ‘Cards’ option.

3.Select ‘Add new card’.

4.Choose the ‘Virtual US Dollar Card’ option.

5.Customise your card by adding a label and your preferred billing address.

6.Fund your card with an amount as low as 5$ and check the naira equivalent.

Once you fund your Virtual US Dollar card, click on ‘Fund Card’ to complete your card creation process


2.ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is one of the very few Virtual dollar card services in Nigeria that allows you to make seamless payments online. This Card is a prepaid card and can be used to purchase goods and services on all websites and applications that accept master card or visa dollar cards

You can Pay for your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Apple Subscription and shop online with our virtual dollar card.


1.Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

Shop online with the Chipper Card around the world.The Chipper USD Virtual Card is a pre-funded and reloadable virtual card that can be used for international online transactions. The card can be funded right from the user’s Chipper wallet.

The Card can be used online in the same way you use your physical debit or credit cards. Please keep in mind that real-time exchange rates apply for ₦ ➡ $ and
$ ➡ ₦ transactions. The amount may vary based on the current economic and market conditions.

Your Chipper USD Card would need to be funded from your Chipper Wallet before it can be used. The USD Card is not automatically tied to your Chipper Wallet in the same way your bank card service works!

What are the Chipper USD Virtual Card Funding, Spending, and Withdrawal Limits?

Maximum Daily Spend Limit – $1000
Maximum Monthly Spend Limit – $5000

Maximum Daily Funding Limit – $1000 (24 Hours)
Maximum Monthly Funding Limit – $5000

Maximum Quarterly Funding Limit – $5000

Maximum Withdrawal – $1000 daily

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