how to transfer money from unity bank

How to transfer money from Unity bank -Easy Steps

In today’s digital banking guide you will learn how to transfer money from Unity bank to other bank accounts in Nigeria. You will understand the different methods of cash transfer using ussd code, and mobile app as well internet banking.

The Unity digital banking is a toolkit full of financial strategies to keep your business running seamless,fast, convenient and secure when it comes to financial transactions. customers can choose to use their mobile device to pay when payments are enabled with a banking app or they can decide to use their debit card on an ATM Machine.

With Access bank ussd code and mobile banking, customers can gain constant, 24/7 access to their money and more ways to use and spend it, they can also transfer money, apply for loans , check account balances, pay bills and many more services.

You don’t have to set aside a chunk of time each day to make payments, you can now transfer cash just with a single click of a button on your smartphone or None smartphone , desktop or any other digital device. No more requesting or looking over paper statements or withdrawal slips, any longer.

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Benefits of Unity bank mobile banking

1.Through unity bank digital banking, you no longer need to wait for the bank working hours to carry out any bank work. Now you can do the required transactions whenever it is convenient to you, 24*7, even on holidays!

2.Unity bank Digital banking, especially through mobile banking has helped the rural areas. Now, they don’t have to worry about traveling long distances now, just to get to the closest bank especially during any financial emergencies. In fact, the rural population benefits the most from digital banking as they have access to the simplest of banking transactions just with a click of a button.

3.It provides a secure and a convenient way to transact with the bank
4.It saves cost and time
5.Compatible to all kinds of mobile phone
6. It is reliable and easy to use.
7. It provides convenient financial services to customers ( Airtime purchase, transfer money, check balance, request for BVN and pay for DSTV, GOTV, Electricity).


How to register for Unity bank ussd code

1.To activate or enroll for Unity bank ussd code you need to dial *7799# from mobile phone number that linked to your account.

2.Follow on screen message to add your bank account number or your naira debit card
3. Set up your four-digit secret PIN you will use to authenticate transactions.

How to transfer money from Unity bank

With Unity Bank’s USSD

To transfer money to a Unity Bank account using ussd code, just dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# (e.g. *7799*1*1234567890*10000#) Enter your PIN to authenticate the transfer

To transfer to other Bank’s account using unity bank ussd code,  just dial *7799*2*Account No*Amount# (e.g *7799*2*1234567890*10000#) Enter your PIN to authenticate the transfer


With Internet Banking

To transfer money with unity bank online banking, kindly follow the steps below:

1.Login with your user name and password
2.Click on “Transfer” tab
3.Click Self Linked transfer, Unity Bank Transfers, Other Banks Transfer
4. Select “Account number” to debit
5.Fill the other beneficiary details along with account number and amount to send.
6.Click “Next”
7. Enter the 6 digit number generated on your token device
8. Click “Authorize”


With Mobile Banking App

Simply download Unifi by Unity Bank on Google Play store and Apple Store to manage your bank account(s) from your mobile device

you can Schedule Your Payments ahead of time, Pay your bills without lifting a finger! and Schedule monthly recurring payments such as DSTV, Nepa bills etc. with UniFi.