How to send International wire Transfer overseas from HSBC Bank

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Transferring cash from HSBC  to a bank account in another country is not a difficult task, All that is required is to understand the procedure and steps to carry out International money transfer. You can send and also receive multiple currencies over 150 different destinations using your eligible accounts.

The process of transferring money abroad could involve online Wire Transfer or in person at the banking hall.This post will guide you on how you can send money worldwide from United kingdom and United states of America

What is an International Money Transfer (IMT)?

International Money Transfer is an electronic transfer of funds overseas. recipients will receive the cash quickly and conveniently in their account via a network that is administered by banks and transfer service agencies around the world. An international bank transfer is when you send money from your account in one country to a bank account in a different country.


UK International Transfer

You can transfer money from the UK bank to another country bank account, any time and in local currency with HSBC you can Send an unlimited amount in any branches, you can also send up to £50,000 via online or on mobile, However customers in United kingdom can send up to £10,000 over the phone and £10 million if you’re a Premier customer).


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How to transfer money outside the UK


Online Banking

To transfer money from HSBC in United kingdom to abroad you need USING ONLINE BANKING kindly follow the steps below:

1. Visit the HSBC online portal :
2. Enter your username or Password. but if you haven’t registered you need to enroll for it to enable transfer and carry out other financial services.

3.Select ‘Pay and Transfer’
4. Choose the account you want to make the payment from
5.Follow the on-screen instructions to input payment details
6 check all the details are right before making a payment

Mobile App

1.If you have already registered for HSBC mobile Login but if you haven’t kindly registered for it
2.Tap ‘Move Money ‘International Payments – Send money outside the UK’.
4. Select the account you’re sending the money from AND select the person you’re paying

5. Enter the amount you want to send
6. Check that all the payment details are correct and submit

To send money by phone, call on 03457 404 404, or +44 1226 261 010 if you’re calling from outside the UK.

If you’re an HSBC Premier customer, call us on 03457 707 070 or +44 1226 260 260 if you’re calling from outside the UK.


What you need to send money outside the UK

1.To enable transfer abroad from UK, you need to get the recipient bank code (SWIFT or BIC) , 2.The IBAN or account number
3.Address of the bank
4.The receiver address


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How to make an International Wire Transfer from HSBC United states

To carry out International Wire Transfers in multiple currencies from your HSBC account in United States you will need the following details:

1.Your own account details
2. Recipient’s full name and address
3. Recipients’ bank code
3. IBAN (International Bank Account number) or account number
4. Country of recipient’s bank
5.Amount of the wire transfer
6. Any reference
7. Reason for making the wire transfer

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How to Transfer international  wire transfer in United States

Account holders can send HSBC International Wire Transfer overseas if they live in the United States either online or In person. The process is seamless, secure and fast. and it’s available 24/7 via Personal Internet Banking.


To send money via online Wire Transfer,  follow steps below:

1. With your Security Code generated from your HSBC Security Device, simply login online
2. click Wires. On the Transfers, Wires, and Bill Pay page, select the HSBC checking or savings account.

3.Select the Wires/Real-Time Payments option.
4. Select recipient to
4.Then Follow the on-screen instructions to enter wire transfer details
5.Sure all details are correct and Confirm your transfer details.

In person

Visit any HSBC Wealth Centers for international wire transfer with Photographic Identification,Beneficiary details and Wire transfer details

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