Westpac bank International Money Transfer -How to receive and send money abroad

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Westpac bank foreign Transfer -How to receive and send money abroad—A Westpac bank account holder can now use Online Banking or at a branch to Send money overseas whenever they want to and from international bank accounts in over 200 countries. However, you have to register for Online Banking .You can transfer money overseas in Online Banking or the Westpac App

If you haven’t registered for Online banking and mobile apps, learn how to register for Westpac bank digital banking from your comfort zone even at home or office. With digital banking you can Send money overseas from Australia and New Zealand, Receive money from overseas and hold multiple currencies.


What do I need to send money overseas?

1.Before you can start sending money overseas you will need a Westpac bank account registered for Online Banking. While in New Zealand International payments via telegraphic transfers can be made through online banking or at a branch.

2.You will need the payee name, full address and account number or company details you are paying
3.Their bank name, address, branch and SWIFT code: The bank and branch details of where the payment is going as well as the branch identifier if available (i.e. IBAN, NCC, sort code or BSB number)

4. You must have cleared money for the amount to be sent also there may be additional other bank charges deducted by the overseas intermediary and beneficiary banks.

How to Send money overseas

Westpac bank customers can send money overseas in Australia with the Westpac App and Online Banking. You can also send money overseas via a telegraphic transfer.


Send money abroad with Westpac Online Banking

You can Send money overseas via Westpac Online Banking if you are a customer that has registered for digital banking. All you need is follow the steps below:

1. Visit to Payment > Make a payment > International
2.Select a payee or Create a new payee
3.Select the From account
4.State the Reason for this payment and enter a Description
5.Select the Payment currency
6. Enter the Amount, Date and Frequency
7.Select Continue
8.Review your transfer details and select Confirm

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Send money abroad with  Westpac App

Before starting the process of transferring money from the Westpac mobile app make sure you update to the latest version of the app. If yes follow the steps below.

1.Search International payments in the Smart Search bar
2.Tap Send money today
3.Tap Add to add a payee or tap International to select an existing payee
4.Tap Pay and follow the steps to make your payment


Westpac bank In New Zealand foreign Transfer

To make overseas payments (telegraphic transfers) in Westpac One in New Zealand follow this steps below:

1.Select ‘Pay & Transfer’
2.Select the account you wish to pay ‘From’
3.Select the ‘To’ field and select ‘New or Overseas’
4.Click the ‘Pay to’ drop down and select ‘Overseas account number’
5.Click the ‘Send payment to’ drop down and select the country
6.Click the ‘Send currency’ drop down and select the correct currency for the payment
Follow the on-screen instructions. Each receiving country may have different requirements


How to Receive money from overseas to Westpac account

Westpac bank account holders in Australia  and New Zealand can also receive money from overseas faster by having it deposited electronically into their  account.  But Ensure that you provide the sender with your full and correct account number as this is the only identifier used for processing the inward payments

Please You’ll need to provide the sender if your Westpac bank account is located in Australia:

.Account name
.Account number
.BSB (bank state branch number)
. The SWIFT code for Westpac Australia is – WPACAU2S.

Note: There is a $12 fee for International Payments deposited directly into your Westpac bank account. There may be overseas bank fees deducted from the payment, unless otherwise organized.


If your Westpac bank account is located in New Zealand:

Account name
.Account number
.BSB (bank state branch number)
. The SWIFT code for Westpac ANew Zealand  is – WPACNZ2W.

The SWIFT code for Westpac New Zealand is WPACNZ2W. This code applies to all branches. SWIFT codes are assigned to banks around the world to help with electronic payments A BIC (bank identifier code) – this is the same as the Westpac SWIFT code: WPACNZ2W

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