MoneyGram: How to send and receive money,cancel and track transfer

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This article will explain how to  send and receive money,cancel and track transfer on MoneyGram which  is Western Union’s biggest rival when it come to international money transfer due to it’s thousands of agent locations worldwide.This make it the second-largest money transfer provider in the world

MoneyGram offers online and in-person domestic and international money transfers service which include, money transfer, money orders, bill payment, mobile top-up, and prepaid card reload services. This  make it a major player in the world of online money transfers. —– customers can sent money  to more than 200 countries and territories, often within minutes  of  $10,000 maximum for online transfers, every 30 days.

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The online money transfer have approximately 350,000 agent locations around the world it is convenient to send and receive with MoneyGram. Customers can also send out money to a mobile wallet or bank account in select countries.

This content is designed to provide deep ideal on how to send money, transfer, track and cancel transfer service

How to send money via MoneyGram


Customer can  easily send money via online portal, mobile app or in person at a MoneyGram agent location.Though there are requirement that  will enable you transfer–below are the details

1. Government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license
2. Recipient’s full name, which matches the name on the person’s identification
3. Recipient’s location
4. Transfers to bank accounts require recipient’s bank name and account number
5. Transfers to mobile wallets require recipient’s mobile number and, if applicable, international dial code


Send money via Mobile app and Online portal

To send money you need to register for mobile app by downloading it from app store or visit their online portal and enroll with your email address , phone phone and other information details as required.

2. Once you are done with either mobile app or online registration start your money transfer process by indicating the amount to send, location, receiver name or bank account in case of direct bank deposit

3. Then Follow the onscreen information to complete the transfer process.


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Send money in person at a MoneyGram agent location

1. To send money through agent you need to find MoneyGram agent location near you. To locate an agent ​use MoneyGram agent locator tool.

2. Taken the following details along with you :

. For all sends:
. Your I.D. where applicable
. Your recipient’s full name matching their I.D. and their location
. The amount you wish to send, plus transfer fee
. If sending to a bank account, you also need your recipient’s bank name and account number

3. Complete your transaction: Where applicable, complete a send form. Give the agent the completed form with applicable funds (including transfer fee).

4. Save your receipt and share the 8-digit reference number with your recipient for pick-up. Funds transferred to a bank account will be sent directly into the account.


Please note: MoneyGram fees vary based on the send and receive countries and the amount sent. The limits depend on the applicable legal requirements and circumstances of each transaction (such as receive country)


How to Receive Money via MoneyGram

Moneygram sender can enter send money to recipient bank account or the receiver pick up the cash at agent location. The pick up cash you will need the following in order to receive your money transfer:

1. Government-issued identification (ID) that displays your legal name
2. Reference number – request the reference number from the person who sent you the money transfer
3. Reference number associated with your transfer

4. Visit a MoneyGram location. Remember to bring your reference number and personal identification*.
5. Complete the receiver form at the location and hand the completed form to the MoneyGram agent to receive your money.

Please note, your name on the transfer record, completed by the person sending you the transfer, must exactly match your name as it appears on your official ID. And Requirements vary by country so please ask your local MoneyGram agent for details about their process and procedures.

Money is typically ready for cash pickup within 24 hours* after the transfer has been sent successfully


How to track MoneyGram  transfer

1. To track your transfer and Find the status of any transaction kindly visit Moneygram online portal:
2. Enter its authorization or reference number, and your last name.
3. Click to track your transfer

How to cancel MoneyGram transfer

There are multiple ways to cancel a money transfer,either by Telephone call or online and get a Refund From MoneyGram

1. Visit online portal , tap on your transfer in your account’s transaction file, go to the “Details” link, then click on cancel. You can also call MoneyGram to cancel the transaction

2. In case of phone call, you’ll have to provide your transaction reference number, the exact amount you sent and the money’s destination. You can reach  Customer Care Center at 01-800-926-9400 OR Email:

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