How to Apply for Personal Loan

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Are you searching for a loan to consolidate your business debt,take care of your medical bills or pay off your credit card debt, business expansion, then personal loan may be best for you .

You can get a personal loan from many banks and other financial services providers,ranging from traditional banks to online lenders.though it may vary in loan amount depend on the lenders.This may be secured which has collateral attached to it and unsecured has no such collateral attached to it.

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Requirement to get a personal loan

1. Good credit score

To apply for unsecured loan make sure you have good creditworthiness or credit score.You can check this using major reporting agencies like, —Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and FICO. When Your score is between 580 and 669 is considered as fair and 670 and 739 are considered as a good credit score.

2. Regular employment

Stable employment is a standard prerequisite of a personal loan since you need to pay back the loan amount with interest every month.

3. Identification

Your name. identification papers such as a driver’s license or a passport and address of residence will be verified by the lenders make sure all the details are in-tight.

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Where to Obtain a Personal Loan

1. Banks and Credit Unions

Institutions with a banking license or charter are governed by the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Note: credit union qualification process tends to be less unbending than that of banks, and loan costs there are normally lower than at banks. You must, however, be a member in order to do business there. Neither banks nor credit unions typically charge loan origination fees, which is an or more.

2.Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs)

This include online, insurance companies, peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders, payday lenders, and other non-bank entities

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How to choose a personal loan company?

Before you choose personal loan company consider the following:

1. Type of interest rate

what’s the difference in rates? check if the interest rate fixed or variable. A variable rate changes depending on market conditions and Federal Reserve policy while, A fixed rate as the name implies will remain the same during loan tenure.

2.Terms of the loan

You need to know the minimum and maximum tenure period over which the loan can be repaid. Please note: The longer the loan period, the lower your payments will be, but you will pay more interest. If you can pay a higher monthly installment, choose a shorter rental period to save a considerable amount of interest.

3. Fees and Penalties

Find out the penalties or fees for late or missed payments? Are there any other charges?

4. Unsecured or Secured

You have to do your findings to know if the loan is secured or unsecured base on required collateral and credit score.

5. Expected Loan Amount

What likely going to be your pre-approved loans and Monthly Payment when it’s finally approved.

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Where Can You Find a Personal Loan?

1. Your bank or credit union
2. A peer to peer lending site
3. An online loan provider
4. A referral from a friend or family member
5. A private loan from an investor

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