How to Block Unity bank Atm card and Bank account with a USSD code or from a mobile app

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Losing or misplacing your Unity Bank ATM card can be a concerning situation. It is crucial to act promptly to block the card and protect your bank account from any unauthorized access. Follow the necessary steps recommended by Unity Bank to ensure the security of your funds.

If you suspect that your account details have been compromised or accessed by unauthorized users, it is important to take immediate action and block your bank account. There are various reasons why you might need to block your ATM card, such as suspected fraud or loss of the card.

On daily basic bank account and ATM card are compromised by fraudsters,yesterday a friend told me how scammer gain access to his card information via bookmakers company .

Blocking your ATM card will prevent unauthorized access and protect your financial well-being. Additionally, transferring the funds from your compromised bank account to a secure one is essential in minimizing potential financial losses. Taking these proactive measures will help safeguard your finances.

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In this article  we are going to learn how to block bank account/debit card when you receive Unauthorized debit  alert from your unity bank account by Contacting the bank Immediately Provide them with your account details and explain the situation clearly. but you can block it yourself with passing through the long stress.

If you suspect any unauthorized transactions or have lost your ATM card, act swiftly to block  your ATM Card

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How to Block Unity ATM card/Account with USSD

To block your Unity bank account kindly Dial *7799*9*phonenumber# to immediately block your account if you suspect any fraudulent activity.Meaning your account will be restricted from transfers and all debit transactions 

2.How to Block Unity ATM card/Account with Bank Mobile App

1,Launch Unity bank Mobile Banking App and Login to Your Account
2.Navigate to Card Management:
3.Select the Card to Block
4.Choose Block Card Option
5.Confirm Card Blockage

3. How to Block Unity ATM card/Account with Internet Banking

1..Login to Your Unity bank online banking
2.Navigate to Card Management
3.Select the Card to Block
4Choose Block Card Option
5.Confirm Card Blockage


How to block Unity bank by calling Customer Contact Center

+234 (0) 7080 666 000, +234 (0) 7057 323 226,
+234 (0) 7057 323 227, +234 (0) 7080 666 030


How to block Unity bank via Email,


Other Unity Bank’s USSD Short Code Strings

*7799*403*Bet9ja ID*amount# – Bet9ja Wallet funding

*7799*Amount# – Self recharge

*7799*Phoneno*amount# – Third party recharge

*7799*1*accountno*amount# – Transfer to Unitybank

*7799*2*accountno*amount# – Transfer to Other banks

*7799*0# – Balance enquiry

*7799*5# – BVN verification

*7799*9*phone number# – Block account

*7799*000*RefID# – USSD on POS

*7799*8*Amount# – Cardless withdrawal

Also you can block it with  Whatsapp: (+234) 09099999814 or (+234) 09099999815 or Telephone: (01) 279 8800 or Email:

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With this steps you can conveniently request to block any of your stolen or misplaced cards (Master, Visa or Verve) from the comfort of your zone, anywhere and anything without visiting any bank branch


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