How to contact paypal customer service-Easy steps

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Did you just Receive a suspicious email, message, invoice or money request disguised as a PayPal account representative? or you want to find out on your Password and account access. Then you can get help from PayPal customer service.

With PayPal customer service, you can easily find out about your Payments
Holds, declines, refunds, crypto, you can also get help on Disputes and account limitations .Payment disputes, chargeback, limitation

You can also get help on PayPal Account profile and set up Bank account, credit card, email, phone and get information on PayPal Credit Applications, payments, billing, features. PayPal Cards Prepaid, Extras, Cashback and more.

The American company that operates a worldwide online payments system customers have multiple options to contact paypal customer service and get assistance with their queries and issues. And you can do this in a couple of different ways depending on your preferences.


PayPal Supports in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish! They understand your concern is regarding how to use PayPal. customer service We’ll be happy to assist you.

Below are different to contact PayPal customer service

1.Phone Number

Paypal Customers can contact customer support through a telephone call, 1-888-221-1161

2. online for help.

Another option is the live chat feature available on the Paypal website.

3. PayPal Community Forums

You can get help via PayPal Community Forums and Resolution Center. To access these features, you’ll need to be logged into your PayPal account. Then Find others with your same issue

4.Social media support,


You can contact PayPal via twitter @AskPayPal or follow this link to visit paypal twitter page


You can also contact PayPal via Facebook:

Linkedin Page

Reach out to paypal customer care via Linkedin Page


Paypal has over 10.4k followers with 2.4M monthly views. So contact paypal at

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