How to check Glo mobile phone number

Are you like brother Johnbull who recently bought a new Glo sim and him doesn’t know his mobile phone number . If ye,s this article will address the challenge on how to check Glo mobile phone number . You will also learn how to check Glo phone balance  check glo data usage as well check Glo voice message length.

As Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network with millions of subscribers in Nigeria because its airtime call rates and data packages are cheaper than some networks.

Glo has unveiled how customers can check their mobile phone number whenever they want without calling customer care. For the purpose of this content we shall walk you through how to check phone number


How You Can Check Your Glo mobile phone Number

There are different methods to check Glo mobile phone numbers in Nigeria . you can view the methods below:

Method 1: USSD

To view or check Your Glo mobile phone Number just dial 777*# Once done your MSISDN with your phone number will display on your phone screen.

Method 2: Call Another number

You can call your friend or closest person to see your Glo phone number

Method 3: *777#

1.You can also check your Glo phone number by Dialing *777# on your device.
2..Then Select 5 (My tariff plan).
3. Select 3 (My number).
4.Your Glo phone will display on the screen.

You are expected to link your Glo sim with you NIM . so you can follow the steps to do that


How to check Glo phone balance

Method 1:

:To check Glo phone balance is a simple process all you need is to dial *124*1#

Method 2:

1.Also you can check your Glo phone balance by dialing *777#
2. Then Select 5 (My tariff plan).
3.Select 2 (check balance ).
4. Once done Your Glo account balance will display on the screen


How to check Glo data usage

To check your Glo data usage all you need is to dial *127*0# to view your data balance

How to check Glo sms usage

To check your Glo sms usage all you need is to dial *124*1# to view your glo sms balanace


How to Link  your National Identity Number (NIN) to your Glo SIM

Here are 4 easy ways to link your National Identity Number (NIN) to your Glo SIM

1. Dial *109*YOUR NIN#. to submit and link your National Identification Number (NIN) on Glo.

2. Call 109 with your Glo line

3. Text your NIN to 109 or “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName” to 109 e.g “UPDATENIN 12443678903 Firstname Lastname’ to 109.”

4. Visit Put your details correctly in each box: First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (optional), Phone Number, National Identity Number (NIN), and Email Address.
Complete the process by entering the two-digit numbers shown, then click on

If you haven’t registered for your NIN, just visit the nearest Gloworld outlet to register.

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