UnionBank of the Philippines Cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw money from ATM without Debit Card

UnionBank of the Philippines cardless withdrawal has been introduce to enable customers withdraw money without Their ATM Card… Did you Forgot your ATM card at home or your ATM card blocked/lost/stolen. and you want to withdraw money? Don’t worry if you find yourself in this kind of tight situation .

UnionBank of Philippines has rollout cardless withdrawal which allow customers to withdraw money without their ATM Card, you can Initiate the request of cardless withdrawal through the bank chatbot Rafa, which is found in the Official UnionBank of the Philippines Facebook page:


Most banks in Philippines now offer cardless ATM usage to make it more digitally safe for customers to pull out money. Since hackers are able to steal customers’ ATM card numbers, banks are using this technology to cut down on fraud on ATM machines.

This article will teach you how to withdraw from Union bank of Philippines ATM or any bank ATM without debit card. This method works exclusively for Union bank customers, you can withdraw from the ATM without your card and be debited on your union bank account.

This feature is available to UnionBank savings account-holders. Funds cannot be withdrawn from a checking account or credit card.

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What is Cardless withdrawal?


Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, is a simple and safe mode to withdraw money without your ATM Card. this enable customers to eliminates the need for an ATM card to make cash withdrawal.

This is a convenient way to get money from your bank account if you forget your debit card.Cardless ATMs provide access to your account and allow you to withdraw cash without the need for a card.



How To Withdraw From Union Bank of Philippines ATM Without ATM Card


To start the Union Bank of Philippines cardeless withdrawal, you need to Initiate the request through our Facebook Messenger chatbot, Talk to Rafa: Then folow the steps below:

1.Input or type “Cardless Withdrawal” or select the feature in Online Banking>Cardless Withdrawal
2. Select “Continue Withdrawal”
3. Then you will be ask to login to UnionBank Online with your user ID and password
4.Select the UnionBank account you would like to withdraw from.
5. Then Provide the following details:

a.UnionBank ATM where you will withdraw the funds
b.Amount you would like to withdraw
c.Nominate a 6-digit PIN1. You will need this to withdraw in the ATM.
d.Please ensure to remember your PIN1 as this is not stored. Do not share this with anyone.

6.Enter OTP
7.Your second PIN or PIN2 will be sent to your registered email and mobile number in UnionBank Online.

Please be reminded that you will need PIN1 and PIN2 to withdraw the funds in the ATM. Partial withdrawal is not allowed.

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Withdraw the funds at the UnionBank ATM


1. Select “Cardless Withdrawal” from the list of services in the ATM
2. Enter your PIN1 and PIN2
3. Enter amount
4. Get your cash and receipt


How much can your withdraw from Union bank Cardless withdrawal


You can withdraw from Union bank of Philippines with a minimum amount is P200, while the maximum amount per transaction is P10,000.

Also the daily limit is P20,000 per customer. And Withdrawal amount should be in multiples of P100 only.


Can Union bank cardless withdrawal be done at any ATM?

The Union bank cardless withdrawal can only be done in select UnionBank ATMs in the Philippines. The list of ATMs with this feature can be viewed through our Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Talk to Rafa how Available ATMs”

Type in “Cardless Withdrawal” or select this feature in Online Banking>Cardless Withdrawal
Select “Show Available ATMs”

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How long are the PINs valid?

PIN2 is valid for 30 minutes only. Kindly make sure you are near the UnionBank ATM when you request for cardless withdrawal.


How do I know if my cardless withdrawal transaction was completed?


You can inquire the status of your cardless withdrawal transaction through our Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Talk to Rafa.

1.Type in “Cardless Withdrawal” or select this feature in Online Banking>Cardless Withdrawal

2. Select “Inquire status of withdrawal”
3. Enter the PIN code or PIN2 of your cardless withdrawal transaction. This was sent to you via email and SMS when you made the request for cardless withdrawal


What is the difference between PIN1 and PIN2?


When you request for a cardless withdrawal transaction, you will receive 2 PINs:

PIN1 is a 6-digit code which you nominate when you make the request in the chatbot
PIN2 is a system-generated 6-digit code which you receive through email and SMS

You will need both PIN1 and PIN2 in order to withdraw cash.


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