Citibank mobile Check deposit

Citibank mobile Check deposit: How to deposit with Mobile App

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Are you interested to learn about Citibank mobile check deposit and limits? Then read through this guide on how to deposit checks with Citibank mobile app,ATM or deposit at the banking hall.

Citibank customers can fill out a deposit slip, and either take it to the bank, or mail it to the bank or use an ATM. With Citibank Mobile Check Deposit, you can Deposit checks from anywhere and any location.

The Mobile Check Deposit allows account holders to deposit checks anywhere any location without visiting the bank. Use the Citi Mobile banking app to deposit your next check with your mobile phone.

Citibank mobile App

The Citibank mobile application allow you to Manage your finances , Access your account balances instantly,Make Mobile Check Deposits,Transfer funds globally between Citi accounts with the Citibank Global Transfer Service or Activate a new or reissued credit card and many more financial service from Citi Mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. It’s as easy to use as your phone’s camera.

To get start with Citibank Mobile Check Deposit and other banking services on-the-go, download the Citi Mobile app on your iPad, please make sure that when searching for “Citi Mobile” in the search field at the top right corner of the Apple App Store, that you expand your search results by tapping the “iPad Only” button at the top left of the menu bar and selecting “iPhone Only”.

Also you can text “App23” to MYCITI (692484)6 9 2 4 8 4 to have a link sent to you. Once you download the app kindly register with your information.

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How to deposit check with Citibank mobile app


1.To know how Citibank Mobile Check Deposit works, kindly Sign on to your account in the Citi Mobile app

2. Then select “Move Money” from the menu, then “Deposit Check.”

3.Get into the service and accept terms & conditions.

4.Make a signature at the backside of the check.

5.Select the account you want to deposit your check to and enter the check amount.

6. Take pictures of both sides of your check, then submit the images for mobile deposit

7. Once done, You’ll receive confirmation emails

Also you can deposit the check through Citibank ATM or can approach directly the nearest branch. The Mobile Check Deposit service is for personal checking accounts only and is subject to eligibility. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply.

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How long does it take for Citibank deposit check to be available  in your account?


Funds from the following Government Checks, Cashier’s Checks and Other Special Types
of Checks are available no later than the first business day after the bank receive your deposit:

• The Government check involved: U.S. Treasury Checks, Federal Reserve Bank checks, Federal
Home Loan Bank checks.

• Checks issued by a U.S. state or by the general purpose units
of U.S. local governments

• U.S. postal money orders

• Cashier’s checks, teller’s checks, certified checks,
and travelers checks

• Checks drawn on a Citibank, N.A. U.S. branch