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How to Block and Unblock Your ANZ bank and NAB bank Card

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We all know how painful it’s when we misplace our card or it is stolen and we are searching for how to block  or lock  and unlock  your card immediately to safeguard the cardholder from any misuse of the card and also security reasons for fear of data breaches.When you fail to block or lock your card or report, there is a chance of any fraudulent transaction or unauthorized payments from your account.

For the purpose of this article we shall take a look at how to block/lock and unlock/unblock your NAB bank and ANZ bank in Australia and New Zealand respectively from your comfort zone before calling your bank.


How to block ANZ card with Internet Banking

You can report a lost or stolen card to the bank, and you can block it depending on your country of residence . We talked about both New Zealand and Australia .


How to block ANZ card in New Zealand

You can place a temporary block on your EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card in ANZ Internet Banking in New Zealand by following the steps below:

1.To block ANZ card on the go: Log into ANZ Internet Banking
2. Navigate to Your settings
3.Manage cards
4. Read the Temporary Block
4.Tap on the card you would like to temporary block or lock

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How to report ANZ card to bank in Australia

If you live in Australia, you can easily lock or block your ANZ card using an app and phone call. To report your card as lost or stolen card;once you report that your card lost or stolen in the ANZ App it will be cancelled automatically.

1.Log in to ANZ app
2.Tap the account
3.Choose and Manage Card. If you can’t see the card you’d like to report, swipe left. under cards to see other options on Report Card Lost or Stolen and follow the prompts.

Once you cancelled, your new card, it will then be sent to you within 5-7 working days, if you’re located in Australia.

How to temporarily block your card in the ANZ App

If you’ve misplaced your ANZ card, you can lock it in the ANZ App while you can take some time to find it. Unblock your card in just a few second when it’s safely back with you:

1. log in to app
2.Tap the account or card
3. Click Manage, then Manage Card
4. Click Temporarily Block Card, then Block Card.


Daily ANZ limits  card

.Daily limits for personal customers range from $1,000 to $10,000 (or up to $25,000 if registered for ANZ Shield)

.Daily limits for business customers using ANZ Internet Banking range from $5,000 to $25,000 (or up to $50,000 if registered for ANZ Shield)

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How to block or unblock your NAB Bank cards

NAB bank customers can lock/block card when it’s Lost or stolen through NAB app, NAB Internet Banking or by calling on 1800 033 103 (within Australia) or +61 3 8641 9121 (from overseas)

The NAB Internet Banking is a free-to-use digital banking platform for all customers. block or report your card to the bank, Check your accounts, manage your finances and bank on the go anytime, anywhere.

1. Log into the NAB app on your device.
2.Tap My cards .
3.Tap the card you want to block.
4.Beside Block card, tap the toggle switch to temporarily block your card.
5. then tap Confirm.
6.Your card has been temporarily blocked. BUT TO UNLOCK Simply press the toggle switch again to unblock.

How to report Damaged card In the NAB app

1.To report your card when damaged to NAB bank, simply Head to the Cards section.
2. Select the card you wish to replace.
3.Select Replace your card, then select Replace damaged card.

How to report Damaged card In NAB Internet Banking

1. Head to the Cards section.
2.Select the card you wish to replace.
3.Under Manage your card, select Replace damaged card.

Daily NAB limits on Visa Debit cards

There’s a daily cash withdrawal limit on your NAB Visa Debit card of $2,000 per day. This applies to all NAB Visa Debit cards and NAB Platinum Visa Debit cards.