Why is Steve Mandanda one of the main legends of Marseille

“Marseille” has always had a lot of great players who helped this team to remain one of the most titled in France and competitive on the European stage. By the way, , football results yesterday‘s  matches with its participation are always easy to find on the sports statistics website. Here you can find the latest news, which is updated in live mode.

If we talk about the main legends of “Marseille”, Steve Mandanda should definitely be mentioned among the first. He is the record holder of the team in terms of the number of matches played.

The keeper started his career in “Le Havre”, but in 2007 he moved to Marseille. Here he became number one rather quickly. With “Olympique”, Mandanda spent more than 15 years, only leaving the club once in the 2016/2017 season.

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With his team, Steve won the French championship, won the League Cup and the Super Cup several times. The fact that he has been the team’s number one for 15 years demonstrates best of all how important the player is to the club.

Mandanda is a real authority on the pitch and an idol for the fans. His selfless play has helped Marseille win numerous titles. Most importantly, the fans have always known that when Steve is in goal they do not have to worry.

What are the strengths of the player?

Despite being relatively short for a goalkeeper (185 cm), the player has excellent coordination. This helps him “pull” quite difficult shots of opponents. By the way, you can find out the

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The strengths of the French keeper include:

1. Excellent reaction. Mandanda can quickly “fold” and pull out even a fairly difficult shot. Shots from close range are also rarely a problem for him.
2. The skill to choose the right position in the goal. Thanks to this, the keeper reduces the opponent’s angle of attack.
3. The ability to play on the exits. Mandanda often stops passes and shots into his own penalty area.

In addition, the keeper is good at repelling penalties. Over his entire career he has never taken more than 10 shots from the spot. This is excellent confirmation that he remains focused and coolly calculated.

In over 15 years with “Marseille”, Mandanda has become a true local legend. In addition, he successfully played in the French national team, with which he won the 2018 World Cup and reached the final of Euro 2016. Despite the fact that Steve was not the main goalkeeper of the team, he regularly demonstrated his class and amazing reaction. Therefore, the keeper is respected by all fans.


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