Facts about the great Marcel Desailly

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The French squad of the late 1990s had some incredible players. Fans can bet in Kenya only on 1xbet.co.ke on this excellent squad. . One of the best names that played on that team was Marcel Desailly. He is considered as one of the best French center-backs and defensive midfielders. And he was a key player in helping his team to secure the two aforementioned titles.

The player had a very long career which lasted between 1986 and 2006. During that time he played on teams like:

● Nantes;
● Marseille;
● AC Milan;
● and Chelsea.

Desailly had impressive records with all those teams. For example, when playing for AC Milan and Marseille he won the UEFA Champions League with each one of them. Also, he was a crucial player for Chelsea and AC Milan. Right now, only on the 1xBet Kenya website fans can bet in tons of outcomes that come from the matches of these squads.

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Legends meet

As previously introduced, Desailly began his career in Nantes back in 1986. This squad is also featured on https://www.1xbet.co.ke/live/ website, where fans can make live wagers and follow details of these matches.

There was another individual who would also make history with the French National squad who met Desailly in Nantes. This person was Didier Deschamps, and would become Desailly’s best friend and key partner in helping France to secure the 1998 FIFA World Cup title.

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A very strong defender and leader

Desailly impressed every time he stood on the field. It is possible to discover how to download 1xBet app Windows Phone,, and by doing so, fans can wager when these great footballers play.

The Frenchman was recognized for being physically strong and making hard but safe tackles. All of this allowed him to recover lots of balls from the opposing squads. Also, he was a leader on the field. He was always seen talking to his teammates in order to better organize the defense lines where he was participating.

But Marcel Desailly also had other excellent attributes. He was capable of making very quick runs. This helped him to go into the penalty box and wreak havoc among the opposing defensive lines. He was also very talented with the ball on his feet, meaning that he could immediately start offensive plays once he recovered the ball.

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