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Should penalty shoot-outs be Modify

This post was last updated on June 10th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

Penalty shoot-outs have been a controversial aspect of football for some fans, players, managers and experts. It is possible to bet in Nigeria with 1xBet on the best football games with shoot-outs.

There are many aspects that have been criticized about this way of breaking ties. For example, some people argue that penalty shoot-outs are a lottery, and that it is unfair to decide a game in such a way. Other criticisms have included the fact that apparently, if the first team that starts the series scores its first shot, it has much more chances to win the match.

FIFA has been aware of this controversy. However, penalty shoot-outs are not going anywhere. People can spend time with 1xBet Nigeria while placing their bets in many games that are decided through penalty shoot-outs.

The ABBA format

A well-recognized issue was the fact that the team who didn’t start shooting in a penalty shoot-out always needed to catch up to the other squad. In other words, if the first team to shoot its penalties always scored, it was alleged that the other squad had extra pressure in trying to not miss its penalty. Penalty shoot-outs can be very exciting, and the live streaming  offers the opportunity to wager on many matches decided by this method.

Because of this issue, in 2017 FIFA decided to start a trial of a new penalty shoot-out format, which was known as ABBA. The original format is known as ABAB. The reason for those

names is quite simple. In ABAB, team A shoots first, then followed by team B shooting, then team A and so on.

In the ABBA format, an approach similar to tennis tie-breaks was attempted. Team A started the shoot-out. Then, team B would have two consecutive shots. After, team A would have two other shots, and so on. The 1xBet site features live betting options on exciting penalty shoot-outs

Inconclusive results

ABBA was tried on a few competitions. You can find casino online on 1xBet to play before those great championships begin. Some instances where this format was tried were:

● the male and female 2017 U-17 UEFA Euros;
● the male and female 2017 U-19 UEFA Euros;
● and also in the 2017 FA Community Shield.

After these trials, the results were analyzed in order to see whether the team that shot first still had an advantage. However, the results were inconclusive. For this reason, and also considering the complexity of the ABBA format, it was eventually abandoned, and the original ABAB format was restored. Currently, on the 1xBet online casino it is possible to find some fantastic games, which can be played while waiting for exciting penalty shoot-outs.