HSBC personal loan

HSBC personal loan-US: Requirements and how to apply

HSBC’s personal loans provide customers with fixed interest rates as low as 5.99% APR. It’s Loan terms range from 2 to 5 years and customers can borrow from $3,000 – $50,000 as loan amount.

HSBC Bank USA, N.A personal loan doesn’t require any collateral to apply,borrower monthly payment amount never changes and can be automated which can be used for almost anything you like including: debt consolidation, trips or vacations, home improvements, and medical bills.

There is no Annual Fee and application fee or prepayment fee, if you pay off your loan early. Once the loan is approved and the borrower signs the promissory note, the money can be transferred into your U.S. deposit HSBC account. If you don’t have an HSBC deposit account you can receive your money into your bank of choice as soon as the next business day.

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Benefits of an HSBC Personal Loan

HSBC Personal Loan has a lot of financial benefits which include:

1. Fixed monthly payments
2. No fee if you pay off early
3. No Annual Fee
4. No Origination Fees
5. No payment due within the first 50 days from account opening


Who’s Eligible to apply for HSBC Personal Loan

The following are applicable to personal loan from HSBC bank in United states

1. HSBC Personal Loan is available to all existing HSBC customers
2. You must be 18 years of age or older
3. You may also need to show Proof of U.S. residential address and Proof of income

How much can Customers borrow via HSBC Personal Loan


1. All HSBC Customers can borrow between $3,000 to $30,000. This is available to all existing HSBC Customers who do not hold an HSBC Premier or Advance Account

2. HSBC Premier Clients can also borrow between $3,000 to $50,000 and it’s Available to HSBC Premier and Jade clients

3. HSBC Advance Customers can borrow between the loan amount of $3,000 to $35,000. This is available to HSBC Advance customers

How to apply for HSBC Personal Loan

Interested customers can apply for HSBC Personal Loan via online portal or visit any nearest HSBC bank


How to register for HSBC Online Banking


To register for Online Banking in united states, you’ll need either:

1. Social Security Number, an HSBC account number, and a one-time code (sent to your email or mobile number)

2. Social Security Number, HSBC Card and PIN,

3. Electronic Banking Number (EBN) and a 6 Digit Code (sent to you by a Branch or Contact Center Representative)

Registration STEPS for Online Banking using the HSBC Mobile Banking App


You can do a first-time registration through the HSBC Mobile Banking App.

1. Open up the HSBC Mobile Banking App.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, search for HSBC US in the App StoreSM or Google PlayTM.

2. Tap on the Not registered? link. Once you’ve created your username and password, you can use these same credentials to log on to the HSBC Personal Internet Banking.