UBA USSD code: How to activate/register, transfer money, buy airtime and check account balance

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Do you want to learn how to activate or enroll for UBA ussd code and you looking easy steps. well this article will guide you on what to do to get start .

With UBA USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) customers can easily Open a UBA account, transfer funds, buy airtime for yourself, family & friends, pay bills, pay for flights, block account and check account balance all on your mobile phone.

The service is seamless, fast and secure when carryout financial transaction from your comfort zone without visiting the banking hall.But to enjoy the full benefits you need to activate your UBA ussd profile account

This article is designed to provide search solution on how to active/register for UBA ussd code, transfer money, buy airtime and playbills from any location right from your mobile phone that is link to your bank account.

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Services you can access via the UBA USSD code

1. Airtime top-up Transfer
2. Check balance
3. Pay bills
4. Increase limit
5. Buy data
6.Cardless withdrawal, etc.


Benefits of the UBA USSD

1. It’s swift
2. Safe and Saves time

Requirements To start using the UBA quick banking

To get start you will first and fore most need to meet a few requirements

1. UBA debit card/prepared card
2. A mobile phone not necessarily internet enabled
3. A UBA bank account and An active phone number linked to your UBA bank account for SMS alert purposes However,
4. you may as well get activated with or without the UBA ATM card as the case may be.


How to activate or register for  UBA USSD code

To activate or register for UBA USSD code, you can either make use of ATM card or UBA account number and the secure pass to get this activated.  To register or activate UBA USSD do this, dial *919# to see the Main Menu and select your desired option.

If the user is not yet registered, she/he would be presented with registration options:

With UBA Account
With UBA Prepaid Card

1. Dial *919# on the phone number registered with your UBA account.
2. Select option “1” to sign up for the USSD code
3. Enter your UBA 10-digit NUBAN account number.
4. Enter your UBA ATM debit card number.
5. Enter the expiration date of your ATM card.
6. Create a 4-digit PIN to use for your USSD transactions.
The PIN in question will be required at every instance of transaction on the USSD profile for transaction authentication.
7. Confirm your PIN.


Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a message confirming that your registration was successful. You can then use the UBA USSD banking code by dialing *919# and following the prompts to access the various banking services available.


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How to Open UBA Account USING USSD CODE

To open UBA Account as new customer Simply dial *919# and follow the easy steps
2. Once you are done, Your account number will be sent to your mobile line.
3. To enjoy the full benefits of your new account, visit any UBA business office with your identification so that your BVN can be linked to the account.


How to transfer money from UBA account using ussd code

To transfer money from UBA account to another UBA account as account holder all you need is to Dial *919*3*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA, then follow the simple steps


Send money to a UBA Prepaid Card

To send money to UBA Prepaid Card, kindly Dial *919*32# from the phone number you registered with UBA


I forgot my UBA PIN. How can I change/reset my PIN?

To change/reset UBA PIN, JUST Dial *919# and select ‘PIN Setup’ to change/reset your PIN

What are the transaction limits available on UBA USSD?

The existing limits FOR UBA customer are:
1. PIN – N20,000 per transaction and per day
2. Token – N1m per transaction and per day (for customers with token but no indemnity)
Note: Airtime purchase has been limited to N5,000 per day and the only PIN authentication is required


Send money to other banks

To send money from your UBA BANK to other third party account like access bank. gtbank, first bank etc. SIMPLY Dial *919*4*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA


How to buy Airtime/recharge card

To buy Airtime or recharge card from UBA account Use *919# to top up airtime on your phone and for others


Airtime top up for self

To buy airtime for self or phone number that is link to uba bank account Simply dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line (e.g. *919*2000#)


Airtime top up for family and friends

To buy airtime or recharge for family or friends via your uba bank account simply dial dial *919*Phone Number* Amount# (e.g. *919*08123456789*1000#)


Pay For Your Flight

1. To pay for flight ticket using UBA ussd code kindly dial *919*12#
2. Input 4 digit Magic Banking PIN and select bank account to pay from
Select desired airline and input flight PNR (Passenger Name Record)
3. Input phone number of passenger and payment amount (Passenger Name Record)
That’s it. Flight paid for

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Block Debit Card

To block your UBA ATM card when your account is compromise kindly dial *919*10#. your account and card will automatic block


Bank Statement

To get your UBA bank STATEMENT DIAL *919*21#


ATM Cardless Withdrawal

To perform UBA cardless withdrawal without your ATM card kindly dial *919*30*amount#


Retrieve BVN

To retrive your UBA BANK VERIFICATION Number dial *919*18#


How to pay for DSTV and GOTV Payment

To pay for DSTV and GOTV Payment using UBA USSD CODE KINDLY DIAL *919*5*2#


Check Balance

To check for UBA account balance and carry out Balance Enquiry simply dial *919*00#


Bill Payments

To pay for bills using uba ussd code kindly dial *919*5#


Freeze Online Transactions

To stop your UBA Online trasaction dial *919*9#

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