How to Borrow data from MTN, Glo,Airtel and 9mobile/Etisalat

Do you want to learn how to borrow data from MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile as Nigeria major telecommunication company and you don’t know the right steps and procedure to perfume this seamless service

If yes, keep reading as we walk you step by step to borrow data from telecom companies from the comfort of your zone and complete your browsing without stress.

Most of the time,we often run out of data when surfing the web. As a result Glo, MTN,Airtel and 9mobile have rolled out how subscribers can borrow data on credit when they run out of data and pay back on their next recharge.

The service is available to all eligible MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile Prepaid customers who has their number registered and been on the network for more than 3 months as well as spending at least N200 monthly for 3 months.

Before you can borrow data you must have N0 and N75 in your main account. The plan allows subscribers to borrow Data credit of up to 2GB whenever they run out of data bundles and have no airtime balance to recharge their data plan.

In the re-loaded offer, the telecom company calculates all the value of airtime a subscriber used in a day for internet services, phone calls and SMS, and credits the subscriber’s phone with double this value at the start of the next day.


How to Borrow data from MTN

To borrow data from MTN which is know as MTN XtraByte, subscribers need to Dial *606# and select XtraByte.
2. The system will then display all the data bundles that you can borrow.
3. You can then select your preferred data plan from the list.
4. Once done, the system will then send you a message with the amount plus the applicable service fee for you to confirm the transaction.


MTN customers can also borrow data using the 606 IVR method, all they need is to follow the steps below to borrow data from MTN

1. Dial 606 and the system will play an announcement for you to select your preferred language, either English, Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.
2. Upon selecting your preferred language, you will be required to select either XtraTime or XtraByte.
3. Once you select XtraByte, the system will then play out all the data amount that you can borrow.
4. You can then select your preferred data plan from the list.


How to borrow data from Glo

To borrow data from Glo,subscribers can make use of two methods by dialing *777# or *321#. Borrowed data will be deducted from your next recharge.

1. Dial *777# to display all Glo features,then select borrow data.Then the system will then display all the data bundles that you can borrow
2. Then select your preferred data plan from the list

Second Method to borrow Glo data

Glo subscribers can borrow data as adumbrated below.

1. *321*2*50# for 35MB,
2. *321*2*100# for 95,
3. *321*2*200# for 200MB,
4.*321*2*500# for 650MB
5. *321*2*1000# for 1.6GB
6. *321*2*2000# for 4,4GB


How to Borrow data from Airtel

Airtel Credit Loan Service allows Customers to borrow data when they run out. This is a perfect solution to reload a phone for data at times of emergency and pay back later. 15% service charge applies.

Airtel subscribers can check if they are eligible to borrow data through *500#. Ineligible customers who try to use Data CLS will be prompted to recharge at least N100 monthly to qualify.


Steps to borrow Airtel data

1. To borrow data on Airtel customers  should kindly Dial *500# on their mobile phone.

2. Choose  3 to Borrow Airtel Data

3. Choose the amount of data you want from the option.


How to borrow data from 9mobile

The former Etisalat telecom company now known as 9Momible customers can now borrow data anytime and borrow more on existing credit if you need more. repay on your next recharge. But before you can borrow data you must be eligible. check if you’re eligible for morecredit & how much you can borrow by dialing *665#, or by texting ‘STATUS’ to 665

The following are amount of data you can borrow as 9mobile subscriber N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000 and N2000

Steps to borrow data from 9mobile

To borrow data from 9mobile kindly dial *665# and follow the onscreen message to complete your trasaction.

Please note: you will pay back 15% service fee + the loan airtime amount or the cost of internet bundle


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