between a Mortgage and a Personal loan

Difference between a Mortgage and a Personal loan

Do you want to know the  differences between personal loans and mortgages.  Most time we are confuse with both  terms — A personal loan is unsecured, whereas a mortgage uses your house as collateral

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What is a Mortgage loan

A mortgage is a loan provided by mortgage lender or a bank that enables an individual to purchase a home or property. While it’s possible to take out a loans core. The entire cost of a home, it’s more common to secure a loan for about 70% of the home’s value. The loan must be paid back over time the home purchased acts as a collateral on the money can individual is lent to purchase the home.

: Types of mortgages

The two most common types of mortgages are a fixed -rate and adjustable-rate.

1. Fixed-rate fixed rate:

Mortgages provide borrowers with an established interest rat over a set term of typically 15, 20, or 30 years. With a fixed interest rate, the shorter the term over which the borrower pays, the higher the monthly payment. Cover sell the smaller the monthly payment amount. However,the long it’s take to repay the loan, the more the borrower ultimately pays in charge.

The greatest advantage of fixed – rate mortgages is that the borrower can count on their monthly mortgage payment being the same every month throughout the life of their mortgage, making it easier to set house hold budgets and avoid any unexpected additional charges from one month to the next . Even if market rate increase significantly, the borrower doesn’t have to make higher monthly payments

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2.Adjustable- rate mortgages

Adjustable- rate mortgages (ARMs) come with interest rates that can, and, usually, do change over the life of loan. Increase in market rates and other factors cause interest rates to fluctuate, which changes the amount of interest the borrower must pay ,and, therefore, changes the total monthly payment due. With adjustable rates mortgages, at specific time. For example the rate may be adjusted once a year or once every six months.


What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan are a form of installment credit. Unlike credit card, a personal loan delivers a one time payment of cash to borrowers then, borrowers pay back that amount plus interest in regular, monthly installment over the life time of the loan known as it’s term.

Due to the rise in peer -to- peer and online lenders there hundreds of fast, easy loan options out there, and most take less than 10 minutes to apply for on the web. The full approval process, however, can take up to one business week, depending on how fast the lender receives and process your documents

At the every least, personal loans charge interest. You might also run into other fees, such as an origination or administrative fee that gets taken out of your loan amount once you are, approved, or early pay off penalty for paying the loan off before the end of your term ( making the lender miss out on future interest payments).

The average two – year personal loan APR is currently 9.34% according to fed’s most recent data. For comparison, the latest average APR for credit cards is 16.43%.

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How to apply for a personal loan

. Shop around for the best rate. Be sure to avoid hard inquires by checking what you qualify before submitting a formal application

. Decide on the best offer: You will need to have your security number on hand, as well as supporting documents such as bank statements and pasy stubs.

. Wait for the final approval: this could take less than an hour or to a full business week, it depends on when you applied (during normal business hours or not) and how quickly you submit the required documents.

. Get your fund: Once your loan is approved, you will need to input your bank account information, so the funds are deposited in to your account.

With both light steam personal loans and discover personal loans this process can be completed within the same same day your application is approved( through this subject to change based on when your electronic banking information is verified, the bank you use, etc).

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The main differences between personal loans and mortgages

Interest rate

Personal loan Interest rate Varies by lender, usually between 3.99% to 36% …Mortgage Interest rate Varies by lender, but can start as low as 3.2% for a fixed-rate mortgage

Loan tenor

Personal loan is Typically between 1 to 7 years while mortgage is up to 15 or 30 years, but can be as short as 10 years or as long as 50 years