8 Things To Consider Before applying for a Home Loan

Owning a home has numerous financial benefits because it serves as the foundation for future goals.But the question that often come to mind is source of funds to finance your dream home.

Though, Real estate developers seem to be coming up with a plethora of projects every year in a bid to enable buyers procure their dream home.the banking sector provides many loan opportunities that are lucrative and beneficial, whether you are looking forward to purchase property for investment purposes or for finding your new home.

A lot of people consider taking out a loan to finance their dreams why others believe of building their home with savings.

What to Avoid During Home Mortgage Loan Process

This article is design to answer questions on what to consider Before taking a Home Loan especially for prospective first-timers because when applying for home loans, it’s all too tempting to accept the first mortgage product you’re offered as long as it gets you the keys to the home you’ve fallen in love with.

The following steps should be consider before you apply for that loan

2.Types of home loans
3.Tenure of the loan
4. Interst rate,Fees and charges
5.Loan amount
6. Choosing your lender
7.Read the Documents Carefully
8. Affordability: Insurance, Utilities, Maintenance

1.Eligibility for home Loan

As far as your loan eligibility is concerned, the amount require to complete your home is often determine by lot of other factors such as occupation, the organisation you are employed with, current financial obligations, employment and business history, age and several other factors.

The amount you eventually borrow will determine the repayment, so make sure you don’t end up borrowing more than you’ll be able to pay regularly. Make sure you have a good income and high credit score. Debt to income ratio is also important in assuring lenders that you will be able to pay back your home loan and make monthly repayments. For conventional loans, a ratio of up to 50% may be acceptable.

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2.Types of home loans

The type of home loan you choose can have a major impact on its repayment as the rates of interest you pay can vary. There are two main types of loans:Fixed and Variable. The fixed rate of interest remains the same for the entire loan term why variable rate of interest changes according to the changes in the market rates.

It is adviceable you go for a fixed loan if the interest rates are low at the time of taking out the loan.

3.Tenure of the loan

You need to consider the duration of the loan term it could be long term loan or short term …longer tenure translates into more interest outgo. The interest component is higher during the initial tenure of the loan and the principal component is smaller.

However, the total interest to be paid by you is directly proportional to the loan tenure. If your tenure is long, you will end up paying a higher interest.

4. Interst rate,Fees and charges

Apart from paying the interest rate, you could also be subject to paying various fees, which can make a significant difference to your total repayment amount over the long term.
So do not hesitate to negotiate a better rate, especially if you have had a banking relationship with the lender for quite some time. You should also use your good credit profile to find a lower rate.

Ask your lender about the various fees that may be applicable to the loan you’re considering, and if there are hidden costs and/or penalties related to late payments, redrawing, and/or exiting the loan.


5.Home Loan amount

You can qualify for a sanction with ease as the offering has fairly simple criteria and a minimal requirement for documentation.Banks usually fund up to 80% of the property’s value but the loan amount also depends on your income and some other eligibility factors.

It is advised to keep your credit card bills at the lowest and prepay any other loans, if possible, before you get a home loan.

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6. Choosing your lender

Before you decide on a lender, it is advised that you carry out detailed research to find a suitable financial institution for a home loan. Check with a few well-known banks and financial companies for their terms and conditions, loans and repayment options.

Apart from that, consider other important aspects such as the customer service, early repayments, penalties, and so on.

7. Read the Documents Carefully

Make sure you read the agreement documentation carefully for an overall and comprehensive knowledge of the loan application. However, read the necessary documents before signing the loan papers for your satisfaction, and a long-term mutual trust.

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8. Affordability: Insurance, Utilities, Maintenance

You should consider insurance, utilities, maintenance and all the other associated costs that come with owning a home along with your existing monthly expenses like car payments, loan repayments, credit cards etc



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