UBA Ghana ussd: How to open account, Check account balance and Airtime Top-up

United bank for Africa UBA has introduce Magic Banking in Ghana which allows customers to access their bank account via their mobile phones. The UBA Mobile Banking via USSD is an electronic banking product that enables subscribers’ carryout basic banking services anywhere in the country.

UBA Ghana USSD code is a Secured platform for interacting with the bank without recourse to physical presence for Self-initiated transactions such as transfer, balance enquiries, mini statement downloads, payments, airtime purchase, etc.

The service has the following Features & Benefits such as:

– No queues
– Self-enrolment
– Balance Enquiry
– Airtime Top-up
– Interbank Transfer
– UBA to UBA
– Transfer
– Bill payment
-And more transaction activities.

What do you need to enable you perform this seamless transaction with UBA Ghana ussd code

1. Mobile phone (“Yam”) and smartphones
2. register line with UBA Account
3. Debit card
4. Account number

To start any Mobile transaction via UBA Ghana, customers need to dial *822# and follow on screen prompt message for either , Transfer, Bill payment, Airtime Top-up, Balance Enquiry and Self-enrollment.

How to Enroll for UBA ussd code in Ghana

1. For Self-enrollment kindly  dial *822#  from your phone number link to your uba bank account to start the activation process .
2. input your debit card number
3. Create your 4 digit PIN for authorization


How to Check UBA Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code or PIN In Ghana


To check your account balance using ussd code in Ghana, dial is *822# and follow prompt message Your account balance will be display on your mobile line


Transfer money on UBA Using USSD Code or PIN In Ghana


Transfer to UBA Account in Ghana

Dial *822* Account Number*Amount# on the mobile phone number you used to open your UBA account.

You will select the bank type and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated.

Transfer to Other Banks in Ghana

Dial *822# from your number link to your UBA account and follow the on screen message. You will select the bank type and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated.


How to open UBA account in Ghana using ussd

To open account in Ghana using ussd code simply dial *822# and follow the on screen message to open your account/ Then visit any uba brach close to your location to upgrade your account in identification.

UBA Magic Banking – USSD Account Opening by countries

Nigeria *919*20#
Benin *919#
CDI *919#
Ghana *822#


UBA Airtime Top-up  in Ghana

To buy airtime for yourself or family and friend from your uba account here in Ghana kindly dial *822#  select for self or for third party and follow the on screen message to enable you carry out successful transaction.



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