Names and list of banks in Australia

Are you interested to know the names of  banks in Australia which include Foreign banks, Australia -owned banks ,Credit union and  Building societies?.  Then check the list of banks in Australia as enlighten  you on bank names and regulating bodies that regulates banks and financial service providers

The Australia bank  and financial service provider is regulated by four bodies comprise the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR). They are Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA); The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC): the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA); and the Australian Treasury.

The Australia  Council of Financial Regulators aims  is to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between member agencies, with the ultimate objectives of promoting stability of the Australian financial system and supporting effective and efficient,

The oceanic country banks is insured by Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) which help to  provides protection to depositors with Australian incorporated banks,building societies and credit unions

The Australia Financial Claims Scheme  serves as a safety net for deposits of up to $250,000 Australia dollar  per account holder . It also covers most general insurance policies for claims up to $5,000, with claims above $5,000 eligible if they fulfill certain criteria.

Base on our content purpose, we are going to list all Australia banks by state, Local owned banks,credit unions, building societies and Foreign subsidiary banks

Foreign-owned subsidiaries Bank in Australia

1. Arab Bank Australia
2. Bank of China Australia
3. Citigroup
4. Deutsche Bank Australia
6. ING Direct (subsidiary of Dutch bank)
7. Investec Bank
8. Rabobank


Credit unions In Australia

1. Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union Limited
2. WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
3. Warwick Credit Union Ltd
4.Transport Mutual Credit Union Limited
5. Traditional Credit Union Limited
6. The Gympie Credit Union Ltd
7. The Capricornian Ltd
8. Australian Central Credit Union Ltd (trading as People’s Choice Credit Union)
9. Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd
10. CAPE Credit Union Limited


11. Central Coast Credit Union Ltd
12.Central Murray Credit Union Limited
13. Central West Credit Union Limited
14. Coastline Credit Union Limited
15. Community Alliance Credit Union Limited
16. Community First Credit Union Limited
17. Credit Union Australia Ltd (trading as Great Southern Bank)
18. Credit Union SA Ltd
19. Sydney Credit Union Ltd
20. Summerland Financial Services Limited (trading as Summerland Credit Union)


21. South-West Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
22. Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd
23.South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
24. Select Encompass Credit Union Ltd
25. Railways Credit Union Limited (trading as MOVE)
26. Queenslanders Credit Union Limited
27. Queensland Country Credit Union Limited
28.Pulse Credit Union Limited
29. Police Credit Union Limited
30. Orange Credit Union Limited


31. Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Limited
32. EECU Limited (trading as Nexus Mutual)
33. Family First Credit Union Limited
34. Fire Service Credit Union Limited
35. Firefighters & Affiliates Credit Co-operative Limited
36. First Choice Credit Union Ltd
37. First Option Credit Union Limited
38. Ford Co-operative Credit Society Limited
39. Gateway Bank
40. Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-operative Limited

41. Heritage Isle Credit Union Limited
42. Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd
43. Horizon Credit Union Ltd
44. Hunter United Employees’ Credit Union Limited
45. Laboratories Credit Union Limited
46. Lithuanian Co-operative Credit Society “Talka” Limited
47. Lysaght Credit Union Ltd
48. MacArthur Credit Union Ltd
49. Macquarie Credit Union Limited
50. MCU Ltd

51. My Credit Union Limited
52.Northern Inland Credit Union Limited
53.Nova Credit Union Limited
54. Orange Credit Union Limited


Building societies in Australia

1. Big Sky Building Society Limited
2. Maitland Mutual Building Society Limited (The Mutual)
3. Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited


Australian-owned banks

1. AMP Bank Limited
2. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)
3. Australian Military Bank (formerly Australian Defence Credit Union)
4. Auswide Bank (formerly Wide Bay Building Society)
5. AWA Alliance Bank
6. B&E Limited (trading as Bank of us)
7. Bank Australia (formerly bankmecu)
8. Bank of Melbourne
9. Bank of Queensland Limited
10. BankSA


11. Bank of Western Australia Limited (trading as Bankwest)
12. BankVic
13. BDCU Alliance Bank
14. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
15. Border Bank
16. BOQ Specialist
17. CIRCLE Alliance Bank
18. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
19. Community CPS Australia Limited (trading as Beyond Bank Australia)
20.Community Mutual Limited (trading as Regional Australia Bank)

21.Community Sector Banking
22. Defence Bank
23. Delphi Bank (formerly Bank of Cyprus Australia Limited)
24. Esanda
25. Firefighters Mutual Bank
26. G&C Mutual Bank
27. Greater Bank
28. Heritage Bank
29. Hume Bank
30. IMB Bank

31. Judo Bank
32.Macquarie Bank Limited
33. Members Equity Bank Limited (trading as ME Bank)
34. MyState Bank
35. National Australia Bank Limited (NAB)
36. Police & Nurses Ltd (trading as P&N Bank)
37. Police Bank
38. QPCU limited (trading as QBANK)
39. Qudos Mutual Limited (trading as Qudos Bank)
40. RACQ Bank

41. Reliance Bank
42. RSL Money
43. Rural Bank Limited
44. SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank
45. St.George Bank Limited
46. Suncorp Bank
47. Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
48. The Rock
49. Tyro Payments
50. Victoria Teachers Ltd (trading as Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank)

51. UBank
52. UniBank
53. Unity Bank Limited
54. Up Bank
55. Westpac Banking Corporation
56. Volt Bank -Online bank
57. 86 400 Bank -Online bank


Australia-wide or multiple states

1.AMP Bank
3.Commonwealth Bank
4.IMB Bank
5.ME Bank
7.St George Bank
8.Suncorp Group
10.Beyond Bank Australia (NSW, WA, SA, ACT)
11.Defence Bank (for the Australian defence force and wider community)
12.Delphi Bank (NSW, VIC, SA)
13.Hume Bank
14.G&C Mutual Bank (NSW, VIC)
15.Rural Bank (mainly SA and VIC but also nationally through Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank)
16. Teachers Mutual Bank


Bank in New south wales Australia

1.Bank of Sydney
2.Police Bank (police members and their families)


Bank in Victoria Australia

1.Bank Australia
2.Bank of Melbourne
3.Bendigo Bank
4.Macquarie Bank
5.BankVic (police, health, emergency and public services)
6.Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank (teachers)

Bank in Queensland Australia

1.Auswide Bank
2.Bank of Queensland
3.Heritage Bank
4.QT Mutual Bank (teachers)


Bank in western australia

2. P&N Bank


Bank in South australia

1. Adelaide Bank
2. BankSA


Bank in tasmania Australia

MyState Bank

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