How to Enroll/Register Polaris Bank “VULTe” Mobile App

Polaris bank has unveiled their Vulte digital bank which allow customers Transfer money instantly from your account in any bank to any other bank account in Nigeria, carry out Cardless withdrawals and payments even when you forgot your card at home or you prefer to get things done without carrying it around.

In line with its commitment to deepen financial inclusion as well make for seamless banking while improving customer experience, Polaris bank Vulte digital allow account holder’s pay bills, airtime purchase and check account balance at no cost rate aside from internet .

According Polaris bank, (new and existing) customers have the opportunity to, among other activities, open accounts, set transaction limits, verify identity documents, register biometrics, ask questions and apply for instant loans!


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Vulte was a milestone in the bank’s pursuit of a strong and digitally-led retail brand as banks all over the world are working hard to make their services convenient, efficient and reliable to all customers using technology tools.

Benefits of Polaris Bank VULTe to customers

Vulte allows you to control where, when and how you bank. With Vulte, you can finally say goodbye to bank visits as you get to perform all your banking transactions on your smart phones and other smart devices. With Vulte, your bank is now in your hands.

1. The services include: account opening and Wallet (NGN and USD),
2. Airtime and data Top-up; fund account
3.Funds transfer
4. Bills payment
5. Pay day loan and events (Discover)
7.Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
8. Branch/Agent locator
9. Cardless withdrawals and payments

Others are;

10.Viewing of transactions history, generation of bank statements
11.Profile settings like hide/show balance, hide/show accounts
12.Forgot user ID/password, reset PIN etcetera
13.Banking services such as limit increase
14.Request card/cheque book
15.Block account/card, etc.

How do I sign up on Polaris bank Vulte?

To sign up on Vulte, simply follow the steps below:

• Download “Vulte” app from Play/App Store for free
• Launch the app and Follow the prompts to complete your registration
• Click on register for account
• Input your account number and your email address
• Enter your Phone number that is attach to your account
• Click next for facial capture identification
• Create your username and password: the password must contain number, numeric and capital letter
• You will receive verification code via your phone number
• Create your 4 digit authorization PIN code

How much is my daily transaction limit on Polaris bank VulTe?

Your transaction limit depends on your account/wallet tier. These limits are defined by CBN and may change from time to time.

Tier 1

• Daily transaction limit is N30,000.00
• Maximum single deposit of N50,000.00
• Maximum cumulative account balance of N300,000.00

Tier 2

• Daily transaction limit is N100,000.00
• Maximum single deposit limit of N100,000.00
• Maximum cumulative account balance of N500,000.00

Tier 3

• Default daily transaction limit is N500,000.00. However, to increase it to N5,000,000.00 by CBN regulation, you will be required execute one-time indemnity on Vulte and enter your PIN and token when your daily (cumulative) transaction is above N500,000.
• Unlimited Maximum single deposit limit

• Unlimited Maximum cumulative account balance

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How can I increase my transaction limit from lower tiers to higher tiers?

To increase your transaction limit:

• Tap ‘Upgrade your account’ beside your profile picture.
• Tap to select your desired limit.
• Upload your Proof of Address, Other Means of Identification and Signature.

NOTE: You will be able to transact with your new limit after verification and approval of your uploaded documents which takes 24 hours.


Can I open a Vulte account if I live outside Nigeria?

VULTE is a full digital bank that can be accessed from any part of the world.

To open a Vulte account, simply download the Vulte app from Google Play or iOS App store and complete the account opening process on your smart phone or smart device without visiting any bank branch.

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What if I forget or want to change my Polaris bank Vulte PIN?

How to reset Polaris bank Vulte PIN,

To reset or change polaris bank VULTe” Mobile App PIN kindly follow the instruction below.

Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner of the Home page
Tap settings Select reset transaction PIN and follow the prompts to reset your PIN


How to change bank Vulte PIN;

Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner of the Home page
Tap settings Select Change Transaction PIN and follow the prompts to complete change PIN.


What to do when you forget my Password?

Should case you forgot your password to your polaris bank vulte account, kindly click forget password on the login page and follow the on screen page to to reset your password


What happens if my phone/SIM gets lost, stolen or damaged?

Your money is safe. Vulte is protected by your password and PIN which are confidential AND SHOULD NOT be disclosed or shared with anyone.

Please always report lost, stolen phone/SIM immediately to our YES Center on: 0700-7652747, 08069880000 and 01-4482100 or send an email to

You may choose to block your account(s) by dialing *833*13*registered mobile line# from any mobile line. Note: You must have registered on USSD before you can use this option. Not registered yet? Dial *833*0# to register now


How to contact polaris bank vulte mobile app support?

On the home page, tap the Menu bar at the top left corner
• Select the “Contact Us” option
• Select the Complaint or Enquiry option and follow the prompts to send your message.
• Alternatively, tap the Social media icon, email or call 07007652747, 08069880000, 014482100, 01270585


How to log in to polaris bank Vulte using Fingerprint?

Your device support fingerprint, you can log in using fingerprint/facial recognition by setting up Biometric Login under Settings.

To enable this feature;
• Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner of the Home page.
• Tap Settings
• Upload your Proof of Address, Other Means of Identification and Signature.
• Select Biometrics Setup and follow the prompts to set up Biometric Login.

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