How to register for GTB Mobile app and transfer money

You can say no to any exotic delicacy but you can’t say no to money, with Gtbank mobile app, you have the best and most reliable access to your funds at any time, any day, and anywhere with just a click. With Gtbank mobile app, visiting the bank becomes obsolete, as every financial transaction you undoubtedly want to undertake is simply available on your mobile devices.

Gtbank  Mobile  app is  available on AppStore for ios devices and google Playstore for android, you invariably get the most secured, speedy, and effortless platform/ Website to arguably do absolutely everything with your money.

What is GTBank Mobile App

Very easy to use, it offers you a simplified and streamlined access to all our products and services as well as the convenience to pay all kinds of bills, in one place. Download the GTBank Mobile App today from Google Play, for Android devices, or from the Apple App Store, for iOS devices.


How can I use my GTB mobile app? 

The app is laden with some of the most powerful and exciting features which is not stunning to use but go-to app to carry out possibly every social and economic engagement, check these out;

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  • Check and carefully regulate previous bank transactions: the platform gives you the ultimate power to shield your finances and monitor any monetary incoming and outgoing. You might have some disputed transactions, the app gives you a fallback, providing you the necessary evidence to easily resolve such scenery.


  • Get a mini or full bank statement at any time: a statement of account displays the generality of all your financial engagement within a particular period, either 1, 3, or 6 months, the bank provides this for you but why sit for hours in the bank when you can get that within seconds using the mobile banking app? With the Gtbank banking app, you can send your bank statements to any third party they wish too


  • Contact Gtbank customer care for satisfactory resolutions: if your active account is not protected and feels susceptible to electronic fraud, the app gives you the quickest option to reaching out to the Gtbank customer care service for solutions.


  • Make transfers of foreign currency from your domiciliary account: you got dollars or pounds and can’t send? Don’t worry, the Gtbank banking app gives you the best option to send any foreign currency to any account in any part of the world.


  • Book your flight tickets on any airline: you can book flights via the Gtbank banking app without typically visiting any traveling agency and it is quite easier when you use the app to book as there is immediate delivery of your payment and approval. You can book on the following airlines via Gtbank mobile app Arik Airline, Azman Air, Dana Air, Medview, Max air, etc.


  • Remita payments: when it assuredly comes to payment platform that involves the federal government, you can’t look past Remita, the gtbank banking app allows you to use Remita for any payments or school fees in any government parastatals


  • Block debit card: unfortunately, we sometimes misplace our cards or promptly stolen, before you could get to the bank to block them from an impending/illegal withdrawal of your fund by an unknown person, the Gtbank mobile app is the one click away from blocking your debit card from any access.


  • Send and receive money: Gtbank banking app gives the access to send money instantly to loved ones or business partners and also receive money without having to ensure going to the bank, the amazing thing about the Gtbank banking app is the convenience it gives you when it comes to transactions.


  • Acquisitions: we all undoubtedly have what we naturally need, it might correctly be fashionable clothes, groceries, or even. Netflix, the app conveniently allows you to typically purchase your economic necessities

You genuinely want stress-free monetary access, then follow this amazing guide on registering for the Gtbank mobile app and instantly become the undisputed king in your court 24/7.


How do I register for GTBank mobile banking?


  1. Download the Gtb mobile app on your mobile devices typically using either the play store available on android and Appstore available on ios devices like iPhone


After a successful installation of the app, open and click on sign up, this automatically takes you to a landing page displaying user-id/account/phone No/email, this provides different options to register depending on which you can readily be accessed by the bank and also password.


You will see two options like “for existing gtbank customer” and “get online banking details, click on the latter.


Ensure you have a debit card, verve, visa, or master card will sure work, or Gtbank token device, select the option you prefer, card or token, enter your account number, then proceed by inputting the last six digits of your ATM card and your personalized ATM pin.


Click on the “Get OTP”, you will send a one-time password on your registered telephone number or email, ensure you use this token as it is only valid for one hour


The last step involves you entering the received OTP code in the available box and click submit and within minutes you are ready to explore your world of possibilities and be in control of your money.


How do I transfer money using my GTB app?

Once inside your dashboard, navigate to the second page and click “Make Money”. Then, select “Transfer”. Choose account to debit and beneficiary bank. Enter beneficiary account number and amount.

Why walk when you can run with Gtbank mobile app today, follow these steps today, and save yourself the trouble.


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