Online loans

List of Best online Loan Apps registered in Philippines by securities and exchange commission.

Online loans mobile application technology are dominating the financial industry through high-tech services easily accessible through the internet in providing Quick loan access to borrowers.

Do you live in Philippines and you are searching for Online Lending Platforms where you can borrow money and payback on monthly basic ranging from month to years- then you are in the right channel. We are going to list out Registered loan Platform approved by securities and exchange commission.

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1. Pesoclick, Quickpeso, Amihan

Amihan is an online lending platform based on mobile information technology and big-data analysis.It provides urgent loan up to ₱10,000 loan amounts to pay off your bills,startup a business or any kind of loan . Many problems as your school fees, startup capital, shopping expenses and other daily expenses can be solved via Amihan loan app.

How to apply for a loan in Amihan

1. Download Amihan App in the Google Playstore
2. Register an account with your mobile number
3. Complete personal information within 5 minutes
4. Submit your application and wait for approval

2. Cashwagon cash loan

Cashwagon offers quick online cash loans for those who need immediate funds to meet financial obligations without any collateral requirements.

Minimal requirements to the borrowers (Filipino citizenship, age 20-60, employed for at least one year.You can get 7000 peso for 10 days for first-time applicants .On the other hand, repeat borrowers will be able to borrow as much as ₱20,000 but are only given up to 30 days for the repayment.

3. Tala loan app

Tala operate as international microfinance company in several countries via it’s mobile application.

There Loan amount ranging from 1000-20000 Peso with interest rate from 11% (21 days loan tenure) or 15% (30 days loan tenure).The repayment date – from 21 days to 1 month

4. Pinoy Peso

The financial service provide higher loan amount compared to other lending apps.
The loans are provided for the term of up to 91 days and amount – up to 10000 Peso.

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5. SALPay

With SALPay you get a bank account and a debit card combined with a mobile app to pay bills, buy load, send money and get financial help at any time.

You can also apply for loans, and more with just a few taps—-SALPay e-wallet is paired with a Visa Debit Card so you can encash when you need to and shop online when you want to.

6. Atome Credit Cash Loan

Atome Credit Cash has two types of loan offerings – a payday loan that you can get repayment terms for up to 3 months and a quick credit which is payable up to 7 days.

Processing fee for Atome Credit Cash IS – 0.8% per day for new borrowers and up to 5% per month for people with good payment history with Atome.

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7. HappyCash–Fast Credit Cash Loan Online Pera Utang

HappyCash Loan Introduction Loan amount ranging from ₱2,000~₱10,000 with term:91~100days
Maximum APR:24%;No service fees…..Example:91 days loan with the interest rate of 24%,and principal amount is 10000P. total payment is 10598.35 (10000*24%/365*91+10000)

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