Titan Trust Bank loan:Application process for Salary Advance,Personal Loan and school Fee Advance Loan

Getting a loan isn’t just a paywall-free experience as TITAN is passionate about the future, committed to tomorrow, and laser-focused on building a world class loan facility.

Titan Trust Bank offer varieties of loan ranging from Personal Loan,Salary Advance and Fee Advance designed for employees of corporate and establishments, professionals and other salary account holders .

When you need that extra cash or Unblocking business opportunity and delivering superior returns, TITAN is a partner you can trust.This post delivers you a new field guide with an expert look at the most important phenomena influencing how can you apply for loan facilities.

TITAN Salary Advance

The bank aims to deploy a range of innovative tech and digital solutions — offering its clients world-class services when it come to loan facility and other banking services.

Customers who’s salary account domicile with Titan Trust Bank can Access up to 75% of their net monthly salary as short-term loans.

Before salary advance loan will be approved, a percentage is determined after individual assessment by loan officer after considering the following

1.Application form (verified).

2.Salary advance form (verified).

3.Declaration of commitment.

4.Staff ID, other valid means of ID, PVC.

5.Passport photograph of borrower.

6.Employee status inquiry form.

7.Bank Verification Number (BVN) confirmed by HOP.

8.Loan proposal form.

9.Account Linkage form where salary is paid into the savings account.

Other requirements are:
1.Maximum tenor of 31 days subject to the next payday.

2.Domiciliation of salary with Titan Trust Bank.

3.1 months’ salary domiciliation.

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TITAN Personal Loan

The loan facility is designed for staff of select corporate organizations whose staff salary accounts domiciled with the bank

The borrower must meet the following Requirements and also provide the details below.

1.Available after at least 1 month of payroll administration.

2.Completed application form.

3.Completed Employee Status Inquiry / Employer’s


5.Valid means of ID and Employment ID.

6.Confirmation letter/Promotion letter.

7.Payslips to show monthly salary earning

8.Credit checks to know if customers have the capacity and willingness to pay back the loan

9.Bank Verification Number (BVN)

10.Letter of Lien/Set-off.

11.Irrevocable domiciliation of salary & entitlement/credit life insurance.

What is the features and benefits of TITAN Personal Loan?

1.The loan has Maximum obligor limit of 75% of annual income (where the confirmed terminal benefit is above 100% of the loan amount) and tenor not exceeding 36 months.

2.Max. obligor limit of 50% of annual income (where the terminal benefit is not in place) and tenor not exceeding 24 months.

3.Flexibility to meet varied personal needs.
4.Minimum Obligor limit of N100,000.
5.25% of employee’s net annual salary with a repayment period not exceeding 12 months
6.Debt-to-income subject to 33.3%.

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TITAN Fee Advance

As a new commercial banks in Nigeria which operate as national banking prepare depositors for the changing world ahead with Fee Advance loan.

The loan facility is designed to provide parents/guardians with short-term financing to cover tuition fees for employees of corporate and establishments, professionals and other salary account holders.

Benefits TITAN Fee Advance

1.The loan facility is to ensure that child/ward’s education is not interrupted, due to unforeseen circumstances.
2.Borrowers can get Loan amount of up to NGN5 million.
3.The bank provide refinancing option and remittance services.

Requirements to apply for TITAN Fee Advance

1.Completed Application Form that is filled and signed by borrower.

2.Admission Letter issue by the school or institution.

3.Tuition Advice / Invoice

4.Letter of domiciliation of salary account with Titan Trust Bank.

5.Copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification.

6.Bank Verification Number (BVN).

7.Credit checks to know the borrower worthiness which apply to capacity and willingness to pay back the loan.

How to apply for Titan Trust Bank loan application

Interested borrower should walk into closest branch to request of any of the above loan facility that suit your needs. Also they can call any of this number for inquiry.

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