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Keystone Bank Cardless withdrawal:How to withdraw money from ATM without debit/credit card

Since the introduction of Fin-tech by banking sector, your mobile phone and internet banking can do 90% of your financial transaction without visiting any banking hall.

Mobile banking make it easier to do what you need to do and achieve what you want to achieve? from your comfort zone without stress since Keystone Bank provides a wide array of innovative products and services to meet your personal lifestyle needs plus helpful expertise to make your banking experience easier.

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Among the fintech innovative is the cardless withdrawal service,this kind of service saves keystone depositor’s the fear of losing their ATM card to the wrong hands. Keystone bank cardless withdrawal reduces fraud and blocks hackers from stealing their customer’s details.

The cardless facilitates help keystone bank customer’s access banking services via alternative channels: ATMs, POS, Web & Mobile channels.

This was made possible by the advance of Internet technology, such as Internet Banking,mobile banking and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).


How To Withdraw Money From Keystone Bank ATM Without ATM Card

If you need cash and you don’t have your card or you misplace it,then worry-less provided you have your mobile phone that registered to keystone bank —You can now withdraw money from ATM without your debit card.

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CARD-LESS is the new norm. Follow these steps to withdraw money from Keystone bank without ATM card;

1. Dial *7111#
2. Select ‘Other Services’
3. Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’
4. Select ‘Account Number’
5. Enter Amount to withdraw (minimum amount is N1,000)
6. Create a 4-digits PIN for use on the ATM
7. Enter your 4-digits USSD PIN to confirm
8. Successful/Failed Notification
9. Receive paycode/cardless withdrawal digits via SMS.
10. Go to the nearest ATM and click on the CARDLESS PAYCODE option.
11. Input the paycode and 4-digit PIN created.
12. Withdraw cash

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Please note:This method works with keystone bank ATM and other banks ATM with cardless withdrawal enabled ATM Machine.

Kindly be advised that there is a N100 charge after a successful withdrawal

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