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How to apply for Access Bank Salary advance/Payday Loan

This post was last updated on November 26th, 2021 at 07:02 am

Access Bank is consistently seeking ways to expand its service to it’s numerous customers in terms of credit facility.

The financial institution as at today is the largest bank in Nigeria and Africa with  more than 600 branches and service outlets, spanning three continents, 12 countries and 36 million customers.

Access bank has introduce Salary Advance and payday loan which enable depositors access up to 200% and 75%  of their net monthly salary and repay for 6 months

This kind of loan does not required documentation,No collateral required with Six (6) months tenor

The interest rate for the facility is 1.9% on the reducing balance, which shall be subject to review from time-to-time in line with the prevailing money market condition. Any change in pricing of the facility notified by the Lender to the Borrower shall be binding on the Borrower.

However, any excess over the approved limit or any unliquidated
expired facility shall attract an interest on authorized excess overdraft at a rate of 12% per annum.

The good aspect is that once your loan request is successful, your Access Bank account is credited immediately without waiting time, it’s fast, convenient and reliable

You can request for a salary advance loan as many times as you may like, as long as you have not exceeded your eligible amount.

What is a Salary Advance (SADV) loan?

It is an instant digital loan product which is targeted at salary earners who meet the Bank’s Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC).

To qualify for salary advance Loan, your account needs to be in Access Bank and needs to be active for at least three (3) months.

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What can disqualify you from getting the loan?

Your eligibility will be affected by any of the following:

If borrower  have any outstanding loan(s) in Access Bank or other banks.
If applicant apply using a phone number that is not linked to your BVN.
If there is no evidence that you received salary payment in the previous month.
If you have taken a previous digital loan and exceeded your eligible amount.
If you have an existing loan and the monthly repayment is higher than your eligible amount.

To be eligible for Salary Advance, you must earn a minimum ₦50,000.
When is the Salary Advance loan due for repayment?

Your Salary Advance loan will be repaid in three monthly installments every 30 days from the day the loan was taken, and the repayment amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

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Interest Rate

The interest rate for Access  bank Salary advance is 1.9%. Other charges are: 1% Management fee, 0.20% Credit life insurance

How to Apply for an Access Bank salary advance Loan?

To apply for access bank  Salary Advance Loan,  simply Dial the USSD code *901*11*1#


Download the QuickBucks App, available on Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

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When Default Penalty
11th days post maturity date 1%
45 Days Past Due 1%
60 Days Past Due 1% (every month thereafter)


Proceeds of monthly salary payment domiciled to the Lender. Or inflow into the
customer’s account when the loan is past due by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you  authorize a debit to your account and where unfunded, any BVN account in Access and/or other banks should be debited for repayment

What is Access Bank Payday Loan?

Payday Loan is an instant loan product for customers (both salary and non-salary earners). With Payday Loan, you can borrow money at a low interest rate with no documentation or collateral needed.

If your salary is processed via Remita or IPPIS, you can also apply for a PayDay Loan. Please note that when you request a PayDay Loan, an Access Bank account will be automatically opened for you and the loan disbursed into this new account.

The maximum amount (i.e. eligible amount) you can get is 75% of your monthly salary, less any active loans at the Bank. Your eligibility is displayed when you request for the loan.

How to apply for a payday loan?

To apply for access bank payday loan Simply dial *901*11*1#


make use of QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, Mobile App to apply for access bank payday loan

Can I pre-liquidate my PayDay loan?

Customers are at liberty to pay off their loan at their convenience. Interested customers should contact Access Bank on +234 1 271 2005; send an email to, or visit any Access Bank branch to liquidate their loans.

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