EcoBank salary advance and type Loans You Can Apply

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EcoBank Salary Advance loan is first of its kind in the Nigeria market,it provide instant access to funds for emergencies, Salary Advance is a 30-day overdraft facility, offering employees of approved organisations access to up to 40% of their net monthly salary.

The Bank also offer Xpress Save and Xpress Loan, which enable customers to conveniently and speedily open digital savings accounts and also obtain short-term micro credit loans using their mobile phones through a USSD platform, *326#.

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According to the financial institution, EcoBank Xpress Loan suitable for all micro entrepreneurs, artisans, traders, low income earners and the entire unbanked and underbanked mass market population.

EcoBank has different kind of loan ranging from Travel Loan which offers you a simpler way to manage your vacation expenses, and includes discounts on tickets prices and hotel accommodation.

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With Ecobank Auto Loan / Asset Acquisition customers can now buy that dream asset why the bank offers up to 90% of the cost of the asset.

Furthermore, customer can now get Personal Loan from ecobank which is an all-purpose loan, offering you flexible repayment plans and the option to access additional funds after repayment over time.

One of the most important loan that can’t be over emphasis is Ecobank Mortgage Loan,This kind of loan help customers towards buying or renovating a new home

Requirement of obtaining EcoBank salary advance Loan

Employee who’s salary account domicile with a particular bank with consistent receipt of salaries for a period of 6 months

You should not be less than 18years as at the loan application date and maximum of 59years.

You must not have any history of dud cheques.

You must have satisfactory credit reports.

To sum up, Ecobank Cash Backed Loan is designed for existing deposits or investments with Ecobank, their Cash Backed Loan is a pre-approved and low interest loan that can help you access your cash without liquidating your savings.

How to Apply:  Visit any ecobank branch or call your account officer for more details


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