Unity Bank Transfer *7799#: how to register,transfer money, buy airtime and cardless withdrawal

With Unity Bank transfer code *7799# your Mobile phone is now your branch banking, it is  unique and awesome way to enhance your banking transactions and stay on top of your game from your comfort zone.

The short code service allows customers (account holders and non account holders) to access banking services with their mobile phones irrespective of the Telecommunication service provider, phone type or location.

Unity Bank offers fund transfer services via mobile, Internet banking and USSD. All you just have to do, is follow any of the following steps and enjoy convenient Banking.

For a convenient way to bank dial *7799#

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Unity bank ussd *7799# code can perform the following financial transaction as given below:

1. Account opening
2. Airtime recharge
3. Add Account
4. Balance enquiry
5. Bills payment
6. BVN verification
7. Fund Transfer
8. PIN change.

How to Create Transfer pin for Unity Bank?

There are two means of  creating for unity bank pin  either with USSD code or With Internet Banking.

Firstly you have to download the mobile app either from google play-store or iphone store.

1. Then Login with your user name and password.
2.Click on “Transfer” tab.
3.Click Self Linked transfer, Unity Bank Transfers, Other Banks Transfer.
4.Select “Account number” to debit.
5.Fill the other beneficiary details.
6.Click “Next”
7.Enter the 6 digit number generated on your token device.
8.Click “Authorize”

With this you have successfully create your pin and ready to go



1.To activate Unity bank ussd code you need to dial *7799# from mobile phone number that linked to your account.

2.Follow on screen message to add your bank account number or your naira debit card
3. Set up your four-digit secret PIN you will use to authenticate transactions.


How to Transfer Money

To transfer to a Unity Bank account you need to Dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# (example: *7799*1*15544567890*60000#)

Transfer Money to other Bank’s account:

If you need to transfer money from unity bank to other banks in Nigeria kindly Dial *7799*2*Account No*Amount# (example: *7799*2*19988567890*60000#)

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How To buy airtime/Recharge card from Unity bank ussd 


For self-Top-up:

To buy recharge card or airtime for self  from unity bank simply Dial *7799*Amount# (e.g *7799*500#) from the Phone Number attached to your Unity Bank Account.


For third party  Airtime Top-up via Unity bank ussd 

We all know how import is friends and family to us, most the need always arise to top up their airtime . To do this kindly Dial *7799*Phone Number*Amount# (e.g *7799*09055553225*500#) from the Phone Number attached to your Unity Bank Account


Check account Balance

Unity bank customers can now check their account via ussd code.so to check unity bank account balance Dial  *7799*0#


BVN verification
To verify your bank BVN with unity bank kindly Dial *7799*5#. Your  Bank verification Number with unity bank will display on your mobile that is link to the bank


Block account

Unity bank account holders can now block their bank account whenever their  account is compromise, simply dial *7799*9*phone number# to hotlink your account



To carry out POS transaction via Unity bank, customers can now dial *7799*000*RefID# to perform financial transaction on the go.


Cardless withdrawal

you can now withdraw from Unity bank account via  ATM  without your card, all you need is cardless withdrawal , KINDLY Dial *7799*8*Amount#

Then visit any unity bank ATM machine input the code that you generate via ussd and witdraw you money,

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How to fund Bet9ja Wallet 

To fund your bet9ja wallet with unity bank simply dial *7799*403*Bet9ja ID*amount# – Your account will be credited as simply as ABC.


How to pay for electricity in Nigeria Using Unity Bank USSD

To pay for either Eko  or Ikeja and other states Electricity  with your unity bank ussd code simply follow the steps below.


Short Code Strings for Eko Electricity Distribution Prepaid

For  Eko electricity payment via unity bank ussd code kindly dial *7799*4*meter no*amount#

Short Code Strings for Ikeja Electricity Prepaid

For  Ikeja  electricity payment via unity bank ussd code kindly dial  *7799*5*meter no*amount#


Short Code Strings for GoTv Subscription

For  Gotv Lite (400) subscription payment with unity bank ussd code kindly dial  *7799*33* Smart card no*1#

For  Gotv Gotv Max (3200)  subscription payment with unity bank ussd code kindly dial *7799*33* Smart card no*2# –

For  Gotv Gotv Gotv Plus (1900)  subscription payment with unity bank ussd code kindly dial*7799*33* Smart card no*3#

For  Gotv Gotv Gotv Value (1250)  subscription payment with unity bank ussd code kindly dial*7799*33* Smart card no*4#


Short Code Strings for DSTV Subscription

To carry out DSTV subscription plan on Access (2000) with unity bank ussd code kindly dial  *7799*32*Smart card no*1# –

For DSTV subscription plan on  Compact with unity bank ussd code  (6800) kindly dial *7799*32*Smart card no*2#

To pay for  DSTV subscription plan on – Family (4000) via unity bank ussd code kindly dial *7799*32*Smat card no*3#

To pay for DSTV Premium (15800) plan with your unity bank ussd code kindly dial  *7799*32*Smart card no*5# –

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