Jaiz Bank Transfer code: To buy Airtime,transfer money and register for Mobile Banking

Jaiz Bank Transfer code: how To buy Airtime, transfer money and register for Mobile Banking

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Are you considering  opening Jaiz bank account or you already have  and you want to know  how to bank with your mobile phone or online banking  but you don’t what to do?  This post will educate yoi how to carry out all your financial transaction on the go without visiting the banking hall. so get a cup of tea sit back and relax why i show you the road walk.

Most banks in Nigeria are know for their USSD transfer code for carrying out business transaction, Jaiz Bank are not left out. The national bank which is licenced by CBN as commercial bank  and quoted as  public company owned by over 26,000 shareholders spread over the six geo-political zones of Nigeria has introduced their transfer code *773#.

With aiz bank ussd  code customer can now transfer money, pay bills, check account balance from the comfort of their zone without visiting any local branch, hence your mobile phone can now act as your branch banking.

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How to enroll or register for Jaiz Bank ussd code


To register  or activate  jaiz bank ussd code, customers need to dial *773# from the mobile phone that is link to jaiz bank account and follow the onscreen prompt message to complete the registration process and get PIN code that will be use for authorize transaction


How to Buy Airtime from Jaiz Bank

To buy Airtime Forself through Jaiz bank ussd code, account holders need to  Dial *773*Amount# simply follow the on screen mesage to buy airtime

Example: To recharge your phone with N1,000, all you need to do is dial *773*1000#.


To recharge from Jaiz bank to third party  simply  Dial *773*Amount*Phone Number#

Example: To recharge your phone with N1,000, all you need to do is dial *773*1000*09055553225#

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How To Transfer Money

To transfer money from Jaiz bank either through ussd code or Mobile Plus app is simple and easey. all you need is to  dial *773# and follow the prompt message  Customers can also transfer money  with Jaiz bank Mobile app..This app  enable  account holders carryout all  banking transaction at a go from their comfort zone.

To start with Jaiz bank mobile app follow the steps below:

1. You should downlaod JaizMobile App from Google Play Store on Android devices and App Store on iOS devices. Note you will need a Mobile phone with at least Android version 5.0 and iOS version 13.0

2. Create your login details (User ID and Password)

3. Enter your Jaiz Account details incliding your date of birth and debit card

Step 2: Upload the attached FAQs on our FAQs section.

4 .After registration, Kindly login to JaizMobile and click on security on the menu list to change the default PIN to your desired 4 digit PIN known to you alone.

5. Follow all the activation steps, you should be good to go. The app is simple and easily navigable.

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What can you do with your Jaiz bank Mobile App?

1.Account activities (Account balance, Transaction history)
2.Instant funds Transfer to own account, other Jaiz Bank accounts and third party Bank accounts
3.Cheques (Confirm Cheque and Stop Cheque)
4.Bill payments
5.Scheduled payment
6.Card Services
7.Branch and ATM Locator
8.Transaction receipt generation

9.Airtime purchase


How to JAIZ Bank Account Balance

To check JAIZ Bank Account Balance customers can either make use of  USSD code bu dialing  *773# and follow the on screen message to retrieve your balance

Also you can use the JAIZ Mobile App to check your balance.All you need is to login to your app and view your balance or statement of account

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