How to Stop Glo Data Auto Renewal plan

To stop Glo data auto renewal plan,  subscribers can now cancel their auto data plan to avoid automatic subscription of their current   plan.

Sometimes subscribers  would like to chose another data plan ,I know how it feels like spending or losing what you never planned for.

Please note: the auto-renewal feature was added  automatically to enable  customers renew their expired data bundle plan which ease them the stress of subscribing manually.

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Glo telecommunication company are known for their low cost data plan, which are renewal with bonuses included. But sometimes as a subscriber, you will not be willing to Auto Renew your data plan

How to Stop Glo Data Auto Renewal

To Cancel data Plan Auto Renewal ———- simply Type in ‘CANCEL’ (a single word with no quotation marks) and send this text to the quick number 127 when your plan is active.

This message must be sent before the expiration date or exhaustion of your current data plan,

You will receive a text message that confirms the successful opt out of the auto-renew plan

If this method isn’t working for you,or  exhausted then you should consider calling Glo customer care line “121” for complaints.

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Please note: Glo auto-renewal was added to automatically renew when your  expired data bundle plan and ease you the stress of subscribing manually.


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