Quickteller: How to Transfer Money, buy Airtime,Pay Bills and request for a Loan via Quickteller

The emergence of online money transfer and bill payments gave birthday to Quickteller transaction . viewing through the perspective of finance, Quickteller provides greater online security of your transactions

Going by this post, we are going to tell you how to Transfer Money via Quickteller, buy Airtime via Quickteller and Pay Bills via Quickteller as well activate ATM card for Quickteller.

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How do I Transfer Money via Quickteller payment system

To transfer money through quickteller, customers need to follow this steps given below.

Visit quickteller website: https://www.quickteller.com then registered your account with your information details along with you bank information.

1. Click on the Transfer Money menu
2. Complete the fields by inserting the account number, desired bank name and amount
3. Insert Card Details, i.e. PAN, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP or Verve eCash PIN if you are transferring from your eCash account.

How do I buy Airtime via Quickteller

1. Click on the Buy Airtime Menu
2. Select “TOP-UP YOUR PHONE” for Self Recharge or “TOP-UP OTHER PHONES” for Third Party Recharge and complete the fields by selecting the desired airtime amount and network.
3. Insert Card Details, i.e. Card number, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or Verve eCash PIN if you are using eCash

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How do I Pay Bills via Quickteller

1. Click on the Pay Bills menu
2. Search for the biller or go to the billers category and select the biller
3. Insert the customer ID
4. Insert Card Details, i.e. Card number, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or Verve eCash PIN if you are using eCash

How do I register for a safetoken/OTP?

1. Kindly follow the steps below to get your card registered for the OTP service.
2. Visit an ATM
3. Insert your card
4. Select Quickteller
5. Select “Pay bills”
6. Choose your account type
7. Select “Others”
8. Enter 322222 as the payment code
9. Enter your phone number as “Customer Reference”
10. Accept the N1.00 amount displayed
Follow prompts to complete the activation

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How to request for a loan with Quickteller using Short Code

Dial *322*6#
Select ‘Get a Loan’
Follow prompt to get your loan disbursed

Or follow step 2 

To request for a loan via the website
Click : https://www.quickteller.com/loan-request

2. Enter requested loan amount, account number to receive the loan as well as bank name
3. Proceed to select the preferred loan provider and accept the loan offer.

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