Lucrative Small Scale Business you can start in Nigeria with little capital

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The world’s small and scale Business output has grown over the years and so also has medium scale business . Indeed SME ‘s has become part and parcel of our society . It now exit in Nigeria daily economy as a nation.

Nigeria economic cannot attained economy development and growth without small scale and medium business. Small businesses are the backbone of any nation economy . Most developed nation has over 90% employers who are engage in SME.

If you want to know the kind of small business to start up in Nigeria then you are n the right place. I am going to walk you through various kinds of small business you can start with little capital.

1. Pap and Akara.

We do know that pap and akara is usually consumed as breakfast food here in Nigeria especially in big cities like Lagos , as you walk across the road ,we normally see queue in most akara joint in the morning. That shows it is a business to venture into – All you need is to search for good business location and promising one.

2. Roasted yam and plantain

Seeing how many people, especially in big cities eat roast yam and plantain for lunch shows you can do more for cash inflow – What matters is the packaging you give it. Believe me there are many things you can do to stand out among the rest.

3. Roasted or boiled Corn

Corn is most consumed commodity in Nigeria during the corn session . All you need is to know your worth value than to be a beggar, You will be required to do a lot to increase your personal income.

4 Uber and taxify driver

Most Uber, taxify and Go okada drivers earn good money , Most driver earns within 70,000 – 100,000 Naira a week. This give you the opportunity to work at your will without any obligations (including nights or weekends)

Some drivers choose to work full-time, while for some it is a part-time job to earn extra money that they do on weekend or after their main job

5 Dry Cleaning Business

A lot of people have done really well in this business and still are doing well, as most business owners are too busy to carry out their Laundry so they decide to give it out to Dry Cleaner. The good news is that you can use washing machine.

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6. SEO consultant

You might be a good public speaker or a good search engine optimization, Link building, Directory and search engine submission . Then Why not let people know about your passions and skills and you can get hired by website owners , companies, seminars and workshops.

7 Agriculture

Do you know that farming is the most important aspect of any nation. For any country to sustain economic growth and development, she should able to feed her citizen. in Nigeria we still import food into the country. – you can as take advantage of it by venturing into it – by carry out fish farming, poultry, cattle rearing, cash crop production, like palm tree, cashew, orange, cocoa and other crops like tomatoes,cassavas, yam ,rice e.t.c

8 Hair saloon

To standout from others, you should make your saloon unisex for both male and female just like next saloon .This will attract more customers ,All what you need is the starting capital to get the equipment’s is the basic cash you may need to spend, unless you want to service them of course, or need fuel for cases of power outage.

9 Transportation services

Most big cities like Lagos,transportation is a vital business though s capital intense compare to others-You can be the problem solver by starting a transport business. Before you start, you will need to determine if you want an interstate service or an intra-state shuttle.

10 Digital Marketing Agency

Starting your own digital marketing agency does not require much capital all that is needed is the digital skills and experience to drive result for your customers. If you have good number of followers on instagram you can start by sharing companies product or your own personal product. do you know most celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo make cool cash from their instagram page.

You can also create group page on facebook or take advantage of popular group page you happens to be member to display your product or your sponsored

You should also  undergo training on how to place ads on Google adword, Pinterest, twitter  facebook ads with the right Keywords and audience for search.

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11 Fashion Design

You need to acquired skill on how to make good design for either male or female , then get a shop and a machine and you are good to go. Let’s say you can make the design for both sexes, that is a huge advantage.

12 Phones or Computer Repair

computer/phone repair business can give you a lot of profit because the modern computers and smartphones are often broken, need the touchscreen glass replacement, and so on. Even uploading pictures from a phone to a storage device can be profitable.

13. Blogger

As a blogger you should understand where you have passion on. also create good niche that is not saturated – try and create user friendly website and content that have high adsense cpc, that will also attract sponsored when you have quality traffic .

You can choose to write either Insurance content, technology, farming, cooking, business, health or sports. But you need to concentrate on a particular niche for search engine ranking as well create decent white hat backlink through guest posting.

Please note if your content is interest and nice people will definitely link to you. don’t buy backlink or do any blackhat link building

14. Bars and Restaurants

Restaurants is the most lucrative business in Nigeria . because it’s not possible for any one to buy cloths without eating food, at daily basic people normally drink or eat food especially when schedule is very demanding. People are always on the move. Fast food joints do wonders. Try it.

15. Pure water Business

Water nor get enemy, according to fela kuti .Arguably one of the most consumed commodity in Nigeria, if not the most consumed either sachet, bottle water . You can also find your niche here

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Others are:

Private language tutor for young children
Yoga instructor
Part-time nanny
Pest Control Business
Clothing Store
Courier Service Business
Real estate Investment Business
Cosmetics Busines
Nursing Home Business
Jewelry Line Business
Gym Business
Bakery Business
Restaurant Business
Daycare Business
Raw Food Stuff Business
Boutique Business
Web designer/developer
Small chops food making
Office supply



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