How to borrow Airtime from 9mobile /Etisalat

The 9mobile More Credit” allow eligible customers to borrow airtime and pay back on their next recharge.The service is available to all pre-paid customers and can be used in the same way as normal airtime/data.

However, before you can borrow Airtime or call credit you need to check if you’re eligible for morecredit and  how much you can borrow by dialing *303#, or by texting ‘STATUS’ to 303“ .The 9mobile More Credit” for borrowing airtime that makes it easy for subscribers to borrow airtime and pay it back later.

If you ever find yourself In a situation where you need airtime to complete your crucial call and you don’t know how to get it. Then relax as 9mobile has introduced more credit, a service to enable you to loan airtime and pay back on your next recharge.

Who is Eligible To Borrow Airtime from 9mobil/ etisalat

For you to qualify for 9mobile more credit, you need to meet the following requirement since it doesn’t require any application process

1, You must Be an active and loyal user of 9mobile
2. Your line must be registered and linked to NIN
3.subscribers must Recharge at least up to N1,000 every month
4.customers must not unpaid data loan balance with 9mobile
5. You must have made calls and recharged your 9mobile sim in the last 90days

To confirm your eligibility to borrow airtime from 9mobile, you can dial *303#, or by texting ‘STATUS’ to 303 to see how to borrow credit from9mobile

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How to borrow Airtime and data from

You can use the USSD code to borrow airtime from 9mobile by dialing *303#. The service is available to all prepaid customers and you can also borrow additional airtime on a pre-existing loan.

You can also borrow by dialing *303#. For example, *303*1000#. This will allows  you to borrow N1000 worth of 9mobile credit

Please note that a 15% service charge applies on every amount of airtime you borrow from 9mobile which is due upon repayment of the loan

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What you need to know about 9mobil/ etisalat borroe me Airtime

1. Please note: you will pay back 15% service fee + the loan airtime amount or the cost of internet bundle

2. You must pay back the airtime loan with recharge card vouchers or an e-top up or repay the loan on your next recharge

3. The amount you can borrow ranges from N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000 and N2000

4. The service is available via SMS and USSD

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How to pay back morecredit

You can repay the 9mobile airtime loan on your next recharge through the following methods

  1. Recharge card vouchers
  2. Electronic Top-up
  3. Airtime transferred from other customers

How much airtime can I borrow from 9mobile more credit?

The 9mobile more credit is easy to use and you can borrow within the range of N50 to N2,000


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