How to check Glo Airtime/Call credit balance

How to Borrow Airtime from Glo Nigeria

This post was last updated on June 14th, 2022 at 05:27 pm

Are you out of Glo airtime and you want to Borrow now and pay later to enable you to continue with your important call? with Glo Unlimited Borrow Me Data, you can borrow Airtime  or recharge card when your airtime   are exhausted and pay back on your next recharge.

The Borrowed airtime will be deducted from your next recharge. This service allows active Glo prepaid subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria to borrow airtime.

This service feature is available to all registered and active Glo subscribers Glo Borrow Me Data comes in variation according to prices.

How do I get to be eligible for Glo Borrow me Airtime?

To be eligible for Glo Borrow me Airtime, You need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 4 months and have a good usage history.

This good aspect is that you can call other Networks and also make international calls with the Borrow Me Credit, apart from phone cal you can also use Glo Borrow Me Credit to Browse the Internet

Please note: You will not be able to access the Service if you don’t pay on time until you pay back the entire amount owed and it will adversely affect your credit rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.

How to Borrow Airtime on Glo Nigeria.

There are three methods you can borrow Glo Airtime , *321#,
and online


Method 1 *321# ussd

To borrow a Recharge card or Airtime from Glo online by dialing *321#. or borrow online Both methods will provide you with the amounts you qualify for. To get specific denominations use the following short codes


• *321*50# for N50

• *321*100# for N100

• *321*200# for N200

• *321*500# for N500

• *321*1000# for N1000


Method 2 .*777#

To borrow Glo Airtime  dial *777# and follow the onscreen message

• Example: Just dial *777#
• Tap 9 to borrow credit or data
• Tap 2 to borrow credit
• Then you get the amount you are eligible to borrow.


Method 3 Online

• Login to glo portal via
• Once you are online portal check amount you are eligible to borrow and borrow your credit


The process is simple and straightforward to request for airtime when you have run out of airtime and expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period.