Nigerian set to Launch local manufacture Satellites By 2030

The on going construction of satellite Assembly, Integration and Testing centre at the National Space Research and Development Agency,  Federal Government has pledged to complete and launched from Nigerian launch pad by 2030.

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu said, made in Nigeria Satellites would propel satellite agency to acquire the capacity for local manufacturing of satellites.

He said that the construction of the AIT was a top priority to the Federal Government and pledged that it would be completed whether he remained Minister of Science and Technology or not.

Although Nigeria had put a total of five satellites in the orbit since its space odyssey began in 1999, none of the satellites had been manufactured locally. Even an earth observation satellite, NigeriaSat-X, that was reportedly designed by Nigerians was manufactured in China.

The projects inaugurated by the minister were a space museum, a planetarium, Space Incubation Centre, the Institute of Space Science and Engineering, a sports complex and Space Environment Laboratory.

Already, Nigeria has missed the 2018 target for the local manufacturing of the satellite without having to refer to foreign manufacturer.

The minister said that the space museum and the planetarium, as well as the Institute of Space and Science and Engineering, were very important to the government because of the role they would play in preparing the next generation of space scientists in the country.

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