ICAN tasks: accountants Must Set Pace on technology in business

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Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria has called on accountants to avail themselves of emerging technologies and apply them in the strategic roles they perform in the public and private sectors.

Tunji Olagunju made this call during the 17th Conferment of Fellowship Status on Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) certified accountants on Tuesday at ICAN Centre, Lagos.

According to him, ICAN is a major stakeholder in the economy of Nigeria and they must utilise the technology advancement to deliver better and faster financial tasks, adding that “ICAN must reconnect with other sectors and thereby translate the business environment.’’

He noted that Uber, a multinational city transport firm, does not own a single vehicle but rides on the ease of doing business as offered by the internet to deliver cutting edge transport service.

In a message by ICAN president Razak Jaiyeola, stated that accountants must not only appreciate technology but also be versed in deploying different forms of technology for business survival and growth.

He said, “From time to time, we upgrade depending on emerging technology; these things are heavily imbedded in our syllabus. “One of the things we are trying to do is we are not limiting ourselves to just theory. This is the basis for this technology summit.

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